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9431 127 street

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Surrey, V3V5H6


[email protected]


17/1/2018 Dear Mayor: 13450 104 AvenueSurrey, BC V3T 1V8


RE: Transit issues in our city.

I am writing to inform you about the transit issues in our city, I am International student and have to go our colleges and work but there is not that much good service of buses in some areas of Surrey.

According to my personal experience one day I was running late by one minute and I missed that bus and it was last bus for my destination and after that I caught another bus of different route after one hour and walked for 1 km and it ruin my 2 hours of mine where time duration was only 10 minutes.

According to us issues and suggestions for this problem are as following:


1.             There is time issue; we have to wait for at least 30 minutes if we miss our bus.

2.             Most of the time buses are overcrowded as there are limited buses on a particular route and people have to skip the next bus and have to wait again in long queues.

3.             Another important issue is that there is poor bus service at few routes after 10:00 pm and it’s hard to travel for work or to go back to home late night.

4.             On weekends and holidays, there is a huge time issue as some buses don’t run on these days, we usually get late for our job.


1.             The time gap for the bus service should be decreased from 30 min to maximum of 15 minutes.

2.             More bus service should be started at few routes and time for the late night buses should be increased up to at least 11:30 pm.

3.             There should be B-line or express buses at busy routes.

4.             The time gap for weekends should not differ from the regular business days.


I believe that there would be a better solution for these basic problems and also looking forward to your positive reply.



Amanpreet and Arshdeep
























Letter Format (Communication: Textbook:  Luchuk, Deborah. (2016). Successful Business Communications: Bridging the Gap. Don Mills: Oxford UP.)

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