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Last updated: January 20, 2020

Amazon Marketplace TutorialTop of FormBottom of FormAmazon, founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos has growninto a mega gigantic ecommerce and marketplace for both downloadable productsand physical products. Been the largest ecommerce and marketplace platformAmazon has sold over 100 Billion products in 2017, loaded with over 606 millionproducts and has a strong customer base of over 200 million. Amazon is welldeveloped with enthusiastic features that makes life easy for both buyers andsellers. With Amazon you can sell almost all kinds of products ranging frombooks, music, videos, video games, electronics, gadgets, computers, tablets,phones, accessories, clothes, shoes, wearable items, etc.

 Amazon is a great place where you can reachout your products to millions of buyers and gain improved visibility for yourproducts in a unique way without owing a website. In this tutorial, we will doas much as we can to explain in details how you can sell your goods on Amazonmarketplace and generate steady income. Who Is This Tutorial MeantForThis tutorial is generally focus on individualsseeking for a master guide on how to make money through Amazon marketplace. Itcovers areas that will properly put your feet on the track without spendingmuch time and hiring freelancer to setup a store for you. It covers areas suchas how to create Amazon seller account, how you can list your products online, Amazon’scharges in return, clear understanding of how Amazon manages the shipping, how todeal with the customers’ feedback and other important issues for managingAmazon seller account.

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PrerequisitesTo gain fully from this tutorial, it is assume thatyou have a burning spirit and passion for online business and you areconsidering using Amazon Marketplace as the platform for selling your products.Amazon Marketplace – Why Amazon?Reasons why selling your products on Amazon Marketplace isnumerous. In this starting segment we will explain various reasons why Amazonis a best place to sell your products giving you all the prominent reason whyAmazon has edge over other marketplace platform. A)       Increase Sales: The biggest reasons for selling onAmazon is the large number of daily visits globally. Amazon alone has acustomer visit of 85 million per month, by quantifying the total number ofvisits the chances of getting your product sold on Amazon in on the highincrease.B)       Acquire Potential Customers from across the GlobeAmazon has a steady increase of customer around the world.

Bycalculation every one of four online shopper shops from Amazon Marketplace. Anyonecoming to Amazon Marketplace comes with the intent of buying a product there isa high chance of possibility to order your products by them. Thus, a potentialcustomer has been successfully gained for your product by Amazon. C)       Quick and StressFree ShippingWith Amazon’s FBA service shipping of products is quick, faster,cheaper and stress free. To gain customer trust and satisfaction simply add theFulfilment by Amazon text logo or their prime logo on your product. You canalso do product shipping by yourself wherein you shoulder the responsibilitiesof handling all the shipping task by yourself or you can contact a third partyshipping company to ship your product. But using the Amazon Fulfilment serviceyou can sit back, feel calm and relax while Amazon offers you a convenientproduct shipping services with 100% trust and protection.

D)      Vast Range of ProductsThere is a huge of product list you can sell on Amazon. Amazonalso provides all the tools and experience to help you run business smoothly.E)       Effortless, TrustedShopping Experience for CustomersNo one wants stress. Everything need to be simple right from searchingthe product online to delivery of the product. This feature is one of theunique features of Amazon marketplace.

Thus selling on Amazon gives you achance of selling with a highly developed platform where customers caneffortlessly order product online and have the trust that the product will bedeliver to them.F)    Secure and TimelyPaymentsAmazon has a secure payment option. Once your account is fundedyou can simply request for payment and Amazon will pay it directly into youbank account and also send you a notification of payment to your emailimmediately. You don’t need to wait a day or two before receiving payment.

Paymentis done immediately you request for it. Amazon only charge you if you make asale.G)      Amazon’s Professional Help ServiceAmazon offers a very good and professional help services throughevery stage of creating your Amazon Marketplace account, listing of products,selling of products, delivery of product, replenishment of product, inventoryand handling of customer care service. Amazon can also give you tip of whatproduct you should sell and how you should sell it. The Amazon AdvantageAmazon has grown wider than just been an online ecommerce, it is amarketplace for both buyer and seller with over 606 million of product and asale of 100 Billion  dollars in 2017. Ithas huge bucket list of customers that trust their service and prefer shoppingfrom Amazon even if the product is been sold at a higher price than in anyother ecommerce website.

A)      High Traffic VolumeAmazon has a huge traffic of people coming to their site forshopping. Amazon provides great experience serving quality product with easypurchase and smooth return policy for online shopping and thus encouragingpeople to shop with them. You don’t need a website to start selling or aprofessional to setup a store for you, all you simply do is locate a productand start selling immediately to millions of customers worldwide.B)      Amazing Growth RateSecond advantage ofusing Amazon Marketplace as a medium of selling products is the high steadyexponential growth rate. Right from its inception till now the Amazon platform hasan amazing growth rate.

 Amazon’s yearly revenuehas grown rapidly and has clock a remarkable value, close to 100 billio

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