America act took away power from the colonists

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America used to be full of colonies owned by Great Britain. At this time, there were many unfair laws passed by British government that colonists were not in agreement with. The government also increased taxes without the colonists permission, this angered the colonists. How did the colonists respond to these unfair laws and taxes? This is how the revolutionary war started.

One of the main causes of the Revolutionary War was taxation without representation. This is when people are taxed without any say. There were many acts that held taxation without representation such as, the sugar act and stamp act. The main cause of the taxes was after the French and Indian war, when King George III needed more money pay the war so increased most of the taxes. One of the acts was the sugar act. This was a 3 cent tax on all sugar and some drinks.

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Also, the stamp act, stated all public legal document had a stamp on it that cost money. These are some of the ways taxation without representation was a part of the war.The Boston tea party was also a major cause of the war. The Boston tea party was a protest the colonists held against the British. Colonists had to pay high tax on tea, and they could only buy tea from one company.

Because of this, some of the colonists decided to go undercover aboard three british ships and pour the tea overboard. They poured 342 containers or 90,000 pounds of tea into the water. The British were angered about this therefore they imposed the intolerable acts.The intolerable acts were five acts created by the British government as a punishment for the Boston tea party. The first act was the was the Boston port act, this act stated every port of Boston was closed until all of the tea from the tea party was payed for.

The second act was the Massachusetts government act, this act took away power from the colonists and gave more to the government which angered and scared colonists. The third act was the administration of justice act, this act allowed governors to move capital trials and do so against government officials to Great Britain. The fourth act was the quartering act, and this said colonists had to provide shelter for soldiers. Lastly the fifth act was the quebec act this expanded the British canadian territory. These acts pushed the colonists one step closer to the revolution. An overall cause of the war was the colonists strive for freedom. The colonists wanted freedom from great britain, they wanted no taxation without representation, they wanted to choose their leaders, they wanted to do what they want when they want, and the most of all wanted to have fair rights.

The colonists wanted a government that understood this and listened to them this is why they wanted to become their own independent  country. The colonists also wanted a say in what happened to them and be able to vote.  These are reasons why freedom was a very big cause of the war.This war started because of unfair decisions by the government without colonists permission. In retaliation the colonists held protests such as the Boston tea party that angered Great Britain.

This lead to a series of different acts enforced by Great Britain that angered the colonists even more. The colonists therefore wanted to become their own country with rights and freedom. If these acts and events had not happened America may still be a colony of Great Britain and not be the independent country of the United States of America.

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