America who have been constantly struggling in order

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Last updated: April 20, 2019

America is known for being a country that offers opportunity. That being a reason for many people from various countries to migrate and start a new and ideal life for themselves, and more importantly, their families. However here in the United States, opportunity isn’t something that’s not so tangible. Society has set standards, and provided different statuses of opportunity based on class, race, and gender. Women being on of the groups who have been constantly struggling in order to gain equality. *One of the emerging issues of the professional world in the United States is the gender gap in leadership. Woman, although earning almost 60% of undergraduate and master’s degrees and holding over 50% of professional-level jobs, lag substantially behind men in terms of leadership positions. American women only make up 14.

6% of executive officers and 8.1% of top earners, and hold less than one-fifth of the leadership roles in various fields (financial services, medicine, and information technology). What is even more disheartening is that the gap has virtually remained unchanged since 2003, despite some efforts made by individual corporations.*Why?*Many factors play into this, but unintentional or unconscious discrimination remains a major one and plays a huge role in corporations’ selection of executive leaders. Many studies have shown that women could score higher than men on job performance, but their “promotability” scores often fall short. Despite evidence that women can indeed serve well as a professional leader, people still tend to lean towards the stereotypical male figure as an executive.*As a female, it is frustrating to see that, in a so-called gender-equal society, a huge gap still exists on a professional level. As many organizations reveal issues such as wage inequality and workplace treatment, more attention has been brought to the professional sphere and the general public now watches the actions of corporations closely.

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Now is a crucial time for this gender gap in leadership, and we should seek various resources to be informed and aware of the current situation, and possible ways to **ameliorate** the issue. 

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