American literature movements

Topic: EnvironmentNatural Disasters
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Last updated: May 11, 2019
The colonists
Security in the wild

Theology and the belief of predestination

Neoclassical age or revolutionary war writers
Philosophy and politics

Birth of fiction, institution, imagination and emotion

Fireside poets
Read by fireside

The transcendentalists
Nature is good, man is good, society is evil

The antitranscendentalists
Nature is good, man is both good and evil and society is both good and evil

Civil war writers
Speeches, journals and diaries, talk about slavery and war

Everyday life, specific geographical region

Human nature is determined by heredity and environment

Experimented in styles and form.

Curse words came in.

“The lost generation”
Leave the United States

The Harlem renaissance
African American poetry movement. Harlem, New York City

Post modernism/ contemporary
Subject matter varies, technology

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