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Last updated: May 3, 2019

1. Writers of this time period valued what over faith?
The Early writers valued reason over faith


Why did Benjamin Franklin support the ratification of the Constitution?

He expected no better

What were the three popular forms of literature during the Revolutionary Period?
(1.- Broadside Ballads(2.- Poems(3.- Memorables

What publication, authored by Thomas Paine, created an immediate sensation in the colonies in 1776?
Common Sense

What is a “Broadside”?
A simple piece of paper printed on one or both sides

What did thinkers of this era believe about nature of man?
Believed in a perfect society

What are the two terms generally associated with the eighteenth century, specifically the time period leading up to and the American Revolution?
Red Coats and Federalists

What are the four devices often used in Oratory?
(1.-Rhetorical question(2.- Restatement(3.- Repetition(4.- Parallelism

The writing of permanent importance from the revolutionary era is mostly about what?
Document for the ages

Contrast writing of the Puritans with the writing of the Revolutionary Period
The Puritans glorified God and the Revolutionary focused on revolution

By the 1800’s, what three forms of literature had not been been “invented” or developed in America?
Short Stories, essays, and lyrics

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