American Tradition Literature Review

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Last updated: May 15, 2019
After Columbus,what are three reasons that European explored the New World?
a. faster route to the far east b. precious metal and jewels c. fountain of youth

What were three things that people who settled in North America sought?
a. land b.

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good wages c. religious freedom

The Puritan way of life was based upon what three beliefs
a. God’s grace (predestination) evildoer provided lesson to teach others to resist temptation b. simple,purified religion c. a divine mission (city upon a hill)

As a pervasisve way of life, how long did American Puritanism last?
One centry

What were two primary puropses of Puritan writing?
instruction or religious inspiration

When and were did Puritanism begin?
England, reign of Queen Elizabeth I

What church did the Puritans want to purify?
Church of England, trade of Catholicim in liturgy, theology and church orga

What did the Puritans recognize as the sole source of religious authority?
The bible

Why were the Purtains persecuted in England?
Unsuccessful attempts to impose their beliefs on church of England

Did the government the Puritans envisioned in America provide religious freedom for everyone?

How would one characterize Puritan preachers?
highly educated, supported their points w/ precise reasoning

How might one characterize the Puritan faith?
Superstitious and irrational

To what three concepts is the Puritan vision of America as divinely appointed land linked?
a. The” American Mission” b.

” Manifest Destiny” c. ” The American Dream

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