American tremendous patience. He wanted to give his

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American historian Samuel Eliot Morison speaks about Fleet Admiral Nimitz “No more appointment to this vital command could have been made. He restored confidence to the defeated fleet.

He had the patience to wait through the lean period of the war, the capacity to organize both a fleet and a vast theatre, the tact to deal with sister services and Allied commands, the leadership to weld his own subordinates into  a great fighting team, the courage to take necessary risks, and the wisdom to select, from a welter of intelligence and opinion, the strategy that defeated Japan.” The quote of Morison is blended with various leadership styles of Nimitz. The leadership style of Fleet Admiral Nimitz is a blend of Democratic, Strategic, Charismatic and Visionary leadership styles.14.

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       Democratic Leadership Style   Fleet Admiral Nimitz had the democratic leadership characteristics of holding responsibility and delegating authority, active communication between superiors and subordinates and entailing fairness, competence, creativity, courage, intelligence, and honesty. Those were visible when he had a sense of growing disagreement on strategies with his immediate superior Admiral King, Nimitz sent his deputy Admiral Pye to Washington D.C. to meet him.

The situation had been somewhat improved, Nimitz himself went to meet King to discuss the strategy of being offensive. This shows the positive communication of Nimitz between his superiors.  Further he allowed his subordinates, Admiral Halsey and Admiral Ghormley to accomplish their missions without putting prohibitive interference. If they had failed in some, Nimitz demonstrated tremendous patience. He wanted to give his subordinates freedom of action. He had a good communication with Admiral Halsey who did a pioneer work to defeat Japan. Nimitz embraced the concept of decentralized execution of a mission.

He was flexible, gave brief and clear orders, patient and responsible.

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