American Victoria,” had received extreme criticism due to audiences

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Last updated: September 22, 2019

American retailermagazine Victoria’s Secret is one ofthe most famous lingerie stores globally. In what started as aone-million-dollar company, has now progressed to a 12-billion-dollar profitannual worth of lingerie, soaps and candles across more than, 3000 storesaround the world. In early 2014, an advertisement was published in promoting apopular line, “Body by Victoria,” had received extreme criticism due toaudiences stating that the advertisement promoted unhealthy body imageexpectations.

The advertisement portrayed the slogan with the words, ‘ThePerfect Body’, accompanied by tall, thin and attractive models in thebackground, who are referred to as “Angels”. Although throughout the uproar criticism,Victoria’s Secret had replied, stating that the slogan was just to promotetheir new Body Collection. However,although repenting for their misdirected slogan, they failed to acknowledge thepsychological impact it had on women of all ages. Moreover, the ad had caused ahuge uproar due to individuals stating that there is no such thing as, “ThePerfect Body”. On a global standard, the advertisement implied that women mustmaintain/obtain a certain height, weight and beauty in order to achieveperfection. In addition, this advertisement does nothing but insinuate womenwith existing low self-esteem psychologically implying that they do not fit inthe standard of beauty.

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Furthermore, it mainly promotes negative body imagesand harmful eating disorders.      Although Victoria’s Secret changed theslogan immediately after individuals delivered multiple petitions, the overallissue was still present, and it had spread to numerous women of all ages. Womendeveloped a psychological mindset that persuaded them in believing that theyhad to possess a thin & tall body, sculpted face, and overall standardizedbeauty. Unfortunately, not only did women reject this image that Victoria’sSecret represented, but women also accepted the fact that this is what beautyis. As a result, women strived to achieve this image by developing anorexianervosa, in which they indulged in restriction of energy intake relative torequirements, intense fear of gaining weight or of becoming fat, disturbance inthe way their body is shaped or weighted and overall not acknowledgingthemselves of who they are but what they want to be.

Women may also developbulimia nervosa, in which they indulge in recurrent episodes of binge eating,self-induced vomiting, misuse of laxatives, diuretics, or other medication,fasting, or excessive exercise. Not only do young women support the company,but many looked up to their models too. With the news that many models in theindustry struggle with eating disorders, these petitioners fear that youngwomen may end up following the same path to achieve these beauty standards.

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