Americans who say racism in society has increased

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Last updated: September 27, 2019

Americans who say racism in societyhas increased eight percent in the last two years and has roughly doubled since2011.

Questions would fill my brain if I had the chance asking a state orfederal legislator about today’s racism issues. The areas would include:workplace issues, numbers in fatality, and immigrant problems. First, imagine your superior at workhires and promotes people of the same race on a consistent basis, and/ordisciplines works of another race disproportionally; what would you do? DavidGrinberg, spokesman for the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission(EEOC), once said, “It’s  shocking thatsuch egregious and unlawful conduct toward African American employees is stilloccurring in the 21st  century workplace,more than 40 years after the Enactment of the Landmark Civil Rights Act of1964” (Tahmincioglu).

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The people the manager promotes or hires canbe skillfully better than the different raced person, but that’s not always thecase.Secondly, how manyincidents must we witness that officers get off with a free ticket shooting ablack person for no just reason? “Given that blacks are 13 percent of thenation’s population, a 26-28 percent black share of police gun fatalities looksdisproportionate” (Sullivan). Cases show it’s the suspect that causes troubleand policemen are doing their jobs, whereas some incidents where “suspects” getkilled for no reason. Lastly, let me throwanother scenario at you: a Hispanic man and his wife are immigrants fromMexico, but they have two kids that were legally born in America. Most of theHispanic race in these types of situations will be in danger of their familiesseparated and deported back to Mexico as of March 15, 2018. The DACA program,or (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), will beshut down by our president, Donald Trump, unless congress passes the Dream Act.

The Dream Act helps alien minors in the U.S. grant conditional residency andmaybe current residency. Jobs, payroll, and spots could be taken away from someAmerican residents, but we can find other ways to establish a safe and betterliving for these people. Overall, my main questions on racism to ask a state or federallegislator would be related to workplace issues, numbers in fatality, andimmigrant problems.

One day, I know we can find better solutions to take downracism and create a strong unity by helping out a neighbor of any color. White,African American, Hispanic, Indian, or Asian, we are all human and are createdto make positive influences in the world. I want to be one of those people tobring justice in our government system.

Racism overtime has become very deadlyand is continuing to increase daily! One step can make a huge change to oursociety!

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