Among and many more visiting their record deal

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Among the most popular of their nearly 100 R&B charted songs are “My Girl,” When two local vocal groups joined forces in the 1960’s a very popular Motown band started, they called themselves The Temptations. Around 1965 the members of the group were David Ruffin, Eddie Kendricks, Otis Williams, Melvin Franklin, and Paul Williams. These artists raised the bad and opened the eyes of those who thought African Americans would never amount to anything.

Many people did not believe in these Motown artists but they were unbelievably strong and persistent for going against all those who hated on them. They took everything those people said about them and moved on and continued to do what they loved, make music. The Temptations were one of the most famous groups during the Motown era. With their numerous hits, success, and even some failures, The Temptations strove their way into their fans hearts and earned their names in Motown History. The Temptations were not always the Temptations, before they had another name, their original band name was called The Elgins.

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The Elgins traveled to Detroit, Michigan, and many more visiting their record deal hoping for success. Later on they had to change the name of the band because Elgins was the same name as a watch. They rehearsed every single day until someone finally noticed, Berry Gordy finally started to listen to their music and fell completely in love with their sound. More and more people started to listen and the five African Americans singers and dancers became a complete hit. Their amazing dancing routines and styles were a success. They then got a record deal, with all the hard work and dedication they put their talents together and began their journey through the life of music. According to Scott Galloway “The Temptations received three Grammys plus induction into the Grammy Hall of Fame, membership in The Vocal Group Hall of Fame, induction into The Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame and many more.” 

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