Among human health. The use of modern agricultural

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Among all the economic sectors agricultural sector plays an important role. Industrial agriculture is the oneof the best dominant agricultural method. Modern technology and methodsadopting in the industrial agriculture sector have caused a lot many changes inthe production and yield. Where there is boon there must be bane. As thetechnology has been increasing day to day at the same time it’s been causing alot of damage to the nature (environmental pollution) and also human health.

The use of modern agricultural equipment made the farmers easy access at thework but because of some carelessness or lack of awareness some accidents hasbeen happening. Starting at 2011, the International Labour Organizationexpresses that roughly one billion individuals, or more than 1/3 of theaccessible work drive, are utilized in the worldwide farming sector.Horticulture constitutes around 70% of the worldwide work of youngsters, and innumerous nations utilizes the biggest level of women of any industry. Theadministration segment just overwhelmed the rural part as the biggest worldwideboss in 2007. In the vicinity of 1997 and 2007, the level of individualsutilized in farming fell by more than four percentage focuses, a pattern that isrelied upon to continue. The quantity of individuals utilized in horticulturechanges generally on a for every nation premise, going from under 2% in nationslike the US and Canada to more than 80% in numerous African nations.  In created nations, these figures arefundamentally lower than in earlier hundreds of years. Amid the sixteenthcentury in Europe, for instance, in the vicinity of 55 and 75 percent of thepopulace was occupied with horticulture, contingent upon the nation.

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By thenineteenth century in Europe, this had dropped to in the vicinity of 35 and 65percent.  In similar nations today, thefigure is under 10%.Health and safetyAgriculture,especially farming, abideas a hazardous industry, and agricultural workers are worldwide remain at highrisk of work-related accidents, lung diseases, noise-related hearing loss, skin diseases and some cancersrelated to chemical use and prolonged sun exposure. In use of agriculturalmachinery on industrialized farms, injuries are frequently involved.

Indeveloped countries, tractor rollovers are the most common case of fatalagricultural injuries. Agricultural Pesticides and excess amount of chemicalsused in farming can also be hazardous to worker health and sometimes may alsolead to death, and the workers exposed to excess chemicals and pesticides mayexperience illness and may have children born with birth defects. Familiesliving in the farm itself and agricultural industry in which families commonlyshare in work and live on the farm itself, entire families are at risk forinjuries, illness, and death.

Common causes of fatal injuries among young farmworkers include drowning, machinery and motor vehicle-related accidents. TheInternational Labor Organization considers agriculture “one of the mosthazardous of all economic sectors. It estimates that the annual work-relateddeath toll among agricultural employees is at least 170,000, twice the averagerate of other jobs. In addition, incidences of death, injury and illnessrelated to agricultural activities often go unreported The organization hasdeveloped the Safety and Health in Agriculture Convention, 2001, which covers the range of risks inthe agriculture occupation, the prevention of these risks and the role thatindividuals and organizations engaged in agriculture should play

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