Amy’s Ice Cream

Amy’s ice Cream| Doing Business Privately | [ | Doing Business Privately: Amy’s Ice Creams * How does Amy’s Ice Creams differ from a publicly held corporation? Her stock is remains with family and friends and not the open public. * What are some advantages of corporate ownership for a firm such as Amy’s Ice Creams? Limited liability, continuity, sells more stock to earn more money.

* How well do you think Amy’s Ice Creams is working to ensure its continued survival and success?I think Amy’s Ice Cream is doing a great job in working towards future success. * What marketing, financial, and other suggestions would you make to ensure the organization’s future financial growth? Well I think she is always trying to make everyday a unique experience for her customers. I also like that that she has the option to sell stock to public to earn extra money if need be. * What are some issues that Amy may have to confront because her 22 investors are family members and friends?I think issues might range from time off to disagreements s on economic solutions and concerns. Should Amy’s Ice Creams become a publicly held corporation? Explain your chosen position. I don’t think so as of right now, in the future it might be the only option if hard times come along. I think thoughts of that would happen when it’s time for children to go to college, or if something unplanned happened as far as family death or accident, emergency money may be needed and she may to start letting thing change over.

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