An operating before, which was dividing each state

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Last updated: June 17, 2019

Anideal fundamental control that could have been beneficial to Rajiv exceptcities can be the usage of counties. Florida has 67 counties and it’s the most commonlycontrol unit that have the customers spread since there is a variety number of populationin each county. Also, numbers and statistics can be found on the bureau ofcensus websites the information that can be accessed is highly beneficial forRajuvs company information such as, income, employment, banking, capital disbursementsand education.      Thisdesigns makes greater sense and is more useful than continuing inside theidentical territory design Rajiv was operating before, which was dividing eachstate geographically into 4 identical size regions and managers are accountablefor the towns inside the ones areas.

Counties will solve the issue forexecutives who attitude territories maybe smaller and extra rural with fewerorganizations. Territories may be altered to mirror changes in financialconditions without principal upheaval in primary provider. 

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