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Last updated: May 19, 2019

An allweather tire is a year-round tire you should buy if you are looking for a tirethat can perform well in all four seasons. It should not be confused with anall season tire that can only serve you well for three seasons in a year. The allweather tire can offer better traction even during the coldest months of theyear. You will not get stuck in snow during winter when you have this type oftire on your vehicle. If you distaste tire changeovers every new season, youare definitely going to appreciate what these tire can do for you. So whatexactly is an all weather tire? In simpler terms, an all weather tire is an allseason tire that features improved traction and performance. It is essentially awinter tire that you can leave on your vehicle throughout the year.

Wintertires are needed during the cold months of the year because the rubber ofnormal tires hardens when temperatures drop below 7 degrees Celsius. In orderto grip the road, the tire rubber must remain flexible. At a temperature of 7degrees Celsius, both a winter tire and all season tire have approximately thesame traction. But as the temperature continues to drop below this mark, thegrip of a winter tire improves while that of an all season tire reduces.

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An allweather tire also gains grip when the temperature drops below the 7 degreesCelsius mark. It is made of rubber compounds that are very similar to those usedfor making winter tires. However, when you look at the all weather tireclosely, you will realize that it has a sturdier stuff that enables it toperform well in summer also. It is designed to withstand the summer heat whenyou are driving on a highway. One of thethings that make an all weather tire perfect for all seasons of the year is thestrong construction that it features. Most all weather tires that you will comeacross on the market are speed rated H and above.

They have a more open treadpattern and stiffness that cause them to be slightly stiffer and noisiercompared to all season tires during summer. This is a shortcoming that you caneasily put up with if you do not have the money to buy different sets of tiresfor different seasons. For moreinformation on all weather tires, visit our website.

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