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Last updated: September 24, 2019

An orientation session on competitive programming was conducted at the ISE seminar hall by Mr. Anup Kalbalia (head of CodeChef).  The talk was very inspiring and Mr.

Anup Kalbalia emphasized the need to concentrate on improving one’s problem solving abilities. He told the students about many programming contests like ACM ICPC and IOI.ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (abbreviated as acmICPC or ICPC) is an annual programming competition among the universities of world. It is headquartered at Baylor University and directed by ICPC Executive Director and Baylor Professor William B.

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Poucher. The competition happens in 3 rounds. There will be an online round for all the Indian regionals. Based on the performance in the regionals, each regional sit will decide on the number of teams to be invited for the on-site round. After the on-site round the top few teams will attend the world finals.IOI stands for International Olympiad in Informatics.

It’s an exam conducted for school children to test their problem-solving capabilities.Mr. Anup Albalia also told about India’s performance in the competitions and thus gave a glimpse of India’s position in the world with respect to programming and thus encouraged us to participate in the competitions.The most inspiring part of the talk was the stories of various people in the field of competitive coding.He first talked about Gennady Korotkevich (handle = tourist) and his achievements in the field of competitive programming.

Gennady Korotkevich, is a Belarusian sport programmer who has won major international competitions since age 11, as well as numerous national competitions.He also spoke about Malvika Raj Joshi. She didn’t have formal education and was home schooled due to which she doesn’t have a 10th or 12th marks card. This acted as a barrier for her from getting into IITs.

Her problem solving and programming skills were extremely good. That fetched her bronze and silver medals in IOI and also an admission into the prestigious MIT. The next person he spoke about is Anudeep Nekkanti.

Anudeep Nekkanti hails from Vishakapatnam and he studied in ANITS. He worked in Google Zurich which was his dream company. He also worked with Directi. Right now, he is an entrepreneur and is exploring his skills.He also spoke about Akshat Bubna, a boy from Delhi, who won a gold medal in IOI and got selected to MIT. He is right now pursuing a double degree in Mathematics.

His story inspired the students as to how even without proper motivation we can achieve great wonders. The entire 2-hour session was a bundle of inspiration for all the students in the seminar hall. It also showed the students about the various platforms available to showcase their talent on competitive coding.

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