Analysis: Alone by Edgar Allan Poe

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Last updated: August 1, 2019

Analyzing Essay of “Alone” by Edgar Allan Poe Have you ever been the only one seeing something as the opposite of everyone else? Edgar Allan Poe seems to have done a lot pondering this over in his years of writing and has looked back on it. He had lived a lonely childhood where nobody wanted to even try to understand the storm that was his young mind. He never saw events and items in the same bright light as the others. In this flashback of a poem, he realized that he was shunned and it made him stronger.In Edgar Allan Poe’s short oem, “Alone”, the usage of theme, repetition, as well as the great amounts of lyrical style help to show that being different from others is a constant battle.

That people in this world treat the different coldly. For those that look back, it can be hard to understand Just why they were so cruel. Even the darkest of themes can have an underlying tone of truth that can be understood by all. He states that “As others saw; I could not bring My passions from a common spring” (lines 3-4), showing Just how out of place he felt as a child that could ot find the same Joy as the other children had.

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While they could express themselves in a similar way, he was confined to his own head. The other’s all had people similar to them. Be it hobbies or what it was that made them happy Poe has a theme of sorrow and loneliness in this particular poem. In line 18, he said that “it passed me flying by’, meaning that he missed opportunities due to the fact that people never tried to include him and his different ideas.

The idea of being a youthful child makes one think of the happiness that they gain from their innocence. This poem, however, hows the darker side of one picked on and shunned.For the children that go through this kind of out casted childhood, there is still the uncertainty of their future since they are so stuck in their past.

The poem ‘Alone’ uses it’s repetition in order to show how Edgar was continuously trapped in his past. Repetition can show Just how deeply someone believes in their own truth. Edgar continuously uses the word ‘From’, showing that while he was in this dark part of his life, there was difficulty in seeing further than the past, where he was put down so many times before.Even when there is something good that happens, he cannot help but wonder why his view was so different from that of the rest of the world. That question bound him still because of the from’ that all bad things could be traced back to, as told in lines 11 – 12. “From every depth of good and ill The mystery which binds me still” Although he uses repetition, the dreariness of from’ helps Edgar Allan Poe to be able to create his lyrical flow of the poem. The style of “Alone” is a lyrical flow that shows the deep feelings of not only sorrow and loneliness, but of desperation as well.The rhyming which uses a a,a,b,b) pattern keeps a sense of commonality through the piece.

Each line must have the line before and after to make itself stronger. In order to do this, Poe must have already known what he was going to write beforehand and use a foreshadowing to sweep into the next part. “From the same source I have not taken My sorrow; I could not awaken My heart to Joy at the same tone; And all I loved, I loved alone” (lines 5-8) sounds almost musical and steady. As the poem continues, it gets darker and deeper until the final, where Edgar mentions the demon of his loneliness.

Being anything other than ‘normal’ can cause great hardships for those that are still young. It is nothing more than learned behavior to exclude the people who are different from us or subconsciously treat them terribly. The cruelty of this world towards a child that is different is portrayed in the constant theme that this poem follows. By seeing nothing other than that which you came from, it is difficult to escape from the torment of one’s past.

And yet there is an amazing skill in being able to tell a tale of dark matters in a way that flows smoothly and increases the depth of he reader in a way that they can be drawn into the poem.Edgar Allan Poe is one of the few people that is able to use this skill to its full potential in the telling of his glance back at his own childhood. Theme, repetition, and style help to draw us to the conclusion that Edgar is able to view all that has been cruel to him for what it truly is, nothing more than a monster made from men. He never truly fit into the world that other’s belong to, but that never truly stopped him and now today, many may admire his works and compare themselves to the dark recesses of the writer’s mind.

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