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Analysis:”Sula” by Toni Morrison             Toni Morrison is the winner of theNobel Prize in Literature.

She is known for her short story “Sula” it waswritten in 1973. In the short story “Sula”, Morrison tells the story about  two young girls who are raised in asegregated African American community that was located right outside of anwhite community.  She makes an emotionalconnection with readers about the relationship of the two close friends SulaPeace and Nel Wright. Sula is considered to be headstrong she shows a trait ofself-reliance. The knowledge and choices that Sula makes distinguishes her fromthe other characters in the story. Sula whole life is basically a story on itsown. The self-sufficient characteristics, domino effect, and unfeeling traitmakes the “Sula” story seem more realistic than just a regular book.             Sula is a self-reliancecharacter.

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Her weakness is her close friend Nel.  Sula considers her and Nel to be one person.Sula was always alone but with her being attached to Nel she does not feellonely.

“She clung to Nel, who was the closest thing to her, only to find outthat she and Nel are not one and the same.” (Morrison).  Sula left the bottom for college, she had hadleft alone, she was not heard or seen in 10 years, not even by her close friendNel.  During Nels wedding reception Sulaleaves without saying a word and leaves the city.             In Sulachildhood, she is alone and self-sufficient outside of her friendship with Nel.

She takes care of herself without anyone’s help. She was brought up by Hannahher mother. Hannah never really spent time Sula, her main focused were men.Hannah spent majority of time in the arms of a different man every week insteadof with Sula. Sula never knew who her father was not even his name. Even thoughshe had her mother, Sula really did not have a parent figure.

She had beentaking care herself and her necessary needs. Since she was 12 years old the wasrelationship had with her mother was gone. Sula watch her mother Hannah get burned alive. Now that Hannah is goneshe is more alone than before. “Hannah had died on the way to the hospital orso they say. She had already begun to blister, it was so bad that the coffinhad to be kept closed at the funeral.” (Morrison).

            Sula had begunto follow in her mother footsteps. It’s been said that Sula is having affairswith white men. “She was guilty of unforgivable things for which there was noempathy, excuse or understanding. The direction for which there was no way toback, the dirt couldn’t be washed away.

They said Sula slept with white men.” (Morrison).She doesn’t sleep with same man more than once and doesn’t have an emotionalaffection to anyone especially men whom she come in contact with. Sula waseasily becoming her mother. She walked in her mother shoes and became the talkof the town ‘The Bottom’.

  Hannah wasaround to a lot to teach Sula the right or wrong thing, take care of her orraise but in ways she actually did.             In thefinal analysis, Sula Peace is her own story. Since she was born she was alwaysalone and independent. She take very good care of herself, she made sure shehas a roof over her head without asking anyone for help, and she even putherself in college. She finally returns to back home ‘The Bottom, Sula hadeventually became her mother but she was quite different from Hannah.

“Wellthere was a space behind me,front of me and in my head. That he filled up.”(Morrison). Sula slept with different men to fill the empty hole inside herthat couldn’t figure out.

All of the traits Sula had made her who she wastoday.           

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