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Nanny sees intimacy as an abuse, not as something pleasing.

Tone Jody is insecure about Hegelianism is scared after the funeral Chi. 5(” skewered some De… “) Chi. 9 . Jody, in order to achieve complete control over Jeanie, must suppress this sexuality.

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Because he doesn’t want her to inspire lust In other men and is “skewered some De rest of us men’s might touch It round data store,” he orders her to wear her hair up In rags.Now that she Is alone (because of the funeral), she begins to examine ere feelings and realizes that she hates Nanny for the values with which Nanny raised her. Nanny taught her to seek superficial prizes such as wealth, security, and status instead of chasing her dreams. Characterization Setting Plot Self-Discovery Self-Discovery #2 Page 9 Away away, Ma’am colored) Page 10 &11 Jeanie discovers that she is different from the other little kids she has grown up around. This is when she starts getting treated differently.Jeanie discovers an aspect of womanhood and a desire for the joys of marriage under the pear tree.

Motifs Trees Page 8 Jeanie saw her life like a read tree In leaf… “) Page 11 (“she had glossy leaves and bursting buds…

“) Chi. 5 (“Ships at a distance… “) Jeanie is blooming and growing Jeanie is blooming and growing Jody Is one of the few characters whose ship does come In, but his success Is more of a curse than a blessing. His flaunting of his wealth and power alienates the townspeople.He appears to them as a darker version of the white master whom they thought they had escaped. Symbols Self Discovery #1 Genie’s hair Jeanie begins to wear white Chi.

5 Chi. 9 Her hair’s straightness signifies whiteness and therefore marks her as different room the rest of her community, (and even marks her parents as deviant). Jeanie begins wearing white after six months supposedly signaling her availability for suitors, and she continues to rebuff all advances and confides in Phoebe that she loves her new found Independence.Theme Allusion Communion Prodigal Son Jeanie washes her feet Jody need to play god Page 5 Page Page 5 Chi. 5 Phoebe brings Jeanie dinner symbolizes their friendship, intimacy.

Jeanie took her money and ran and is now returning home to her friend Phoebe who is happy to see her ( porch sitters are not so happy to see her) Phoebe may represent “God” and Hereford Genie’s story is actually a confession. Jesus washed the disciples feet as an act of humility.Therefore when Jeanie washes her own feet it is an act of independence or self respect. Jody words at the end of his speech, “let it shine, let it shine, let it shine,” refer to a gospel hymn about Jesus as the Light of the World. Jody wants his light, the light that he bought, built, and put in place, to stand for the sun and, by extension, God himself. These words also go back to the Bible’s account of creation, in which God says, “Let there be light” (Genesis 1:3).

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