Analyzing poetry

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Last updated: December 12, 2019
What is the dramatic situation
Who is/r the speakers? Male/female? Where is he/she? When does this poem take place?what r the circumstances?

What is the structure of the poem?
What r the parts of the poem n how r they related to each other? What gives the poem coherence? What r the structural divisions of the poem? Ur best aid is the punctuation. Think about the logic does it say/ ask questions n then answer them.

Or decelop an argument? Or use a series of analogies to prove a point?

What is the theme of the poem?
If possible, define what the poem says n why.

Are the grammar n meaning clear?
Make sure u understand : the grammar of the poem, meaning of all the words in the poem, (which dont seem to fit in the context of the poem)

What r the imp images n figure of speech?
What r the imp literal sensory objects, the images? What r the similes n metaphors? Is there a pattern in the images, as comparing men to wild animals. Discriminating between the figurative is difficult (i love a rose or my love is like a rose)

What is the tone of the poem?
Mood, atmosphere, manner of speaking, tone of voice.

Literary devices does the poem employ?
Terms i should know r metaphor, simile, n personification

Prosody of the poem?
Need to know the basics about the rhyme, meter, n sound effects of the poem.

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