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In paragraph 1, how does the narrator’s description of the residents of Sleepy Hollow buildsuspense?
C The narrator portrays them as dreamy and superstitious, which suggests thatsomething magical or supernatural might happen later.ELACC8RL6

In paragraphs 2 and 3, what does the description of The Headless Horsemen reveal about the townof Sleepy Hollow?
B It reveals that the town is fascinated by and known for this headless spectre,who will probably become important later in the story.ELACC8RL3

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What does paragraph 4 reveal about people who move to Sleepy Hollow?
B They may have been very logical people before moving to Sleepy Hollow, but theysoon become superstitious and imaginative after living there for a little while.ELACC8RL3

Which of the following sentences shows the narrator’s point of view?
D “It is remarkable that the visionary propensity I have mentioned is not confined tothe native inhabitants of the valley, but is unconsciously imbibed by every onewho resides there for a time.”ELACC8RL6

In paragraph 5, what does the phrase “who sojourned, or, as he expressed it, ‘tarried,'” suggest?
A This phrase suggests that the narrator sees Crane’s stay in Sleepy Hollow asmore permanent that Crane does.ELACC8RL6

How does the word choice in the last two sentences of paragraph 5 create foreshadowing?
B Details like “some scarecrow eloped” build on the earlier horror imagery andsuggests that Crane may have become a victim of Sleepy Hollow’s ghostELACC8RL3


How does the play reinterpret the setting of Irving’s original story?

D The play heightens Irving’s understated horror elements by opening with”foreboding music,” then quickly switching to friendly town life. ELACC8RL9

8. The play creates foreshadowing by
C displaying the Headless Horseman and then immediately introducing Ichabod Crane.ELACC8RL9

9. How does the play emphasize Crane as a traditional outsider character?
B First, other characters talk negatively about Crane, then the narrator’s talk abouthim as he awkward attempts to fix his appearance.ELACC8RL9

10. Which attitude or belief of the townspeople is revealed in the play but not the story?
C They do not value reading and writing.ELACC8RL7


Which of the following BEST compares Ichabod Crane as portrayed in the play and in the story?

A The stage directions in the play suggest that Crane thinks he is better thaneveryone else. The short story portrays Crane as sympathetic and a little pathetic.ELACC8RL7

12. How does the play recreate the mood of supernatural suspense that the short story establishes inparagraphs 2 and 3?
B through the “AT RISE” music and visual stage effects, which create a moredramatic and obvious horror mood than the storyELACC8RL7

13. One of the main purposes of this media analysis is to
D explain how the characteristics of monsters affect horror movies.ELACC8RI6

14. Which sentence from paragraph 1 BEST summarizes “The Role of Monsters in Horror Movies”?
B “Monsters can stretch our imaginations, provide thrills in the safe environment of atheater or home, and give us insight into our nature as human beings.


15. In paragraph 2, the author’s style can be described as using
A precise language to explain complex ideasELACC8RI4

16. In paragraph 3, what is the effect of explaining the five broad categories of movie monsters?
C It shows how large and diverse monsters are within the horror genreELACC8RI3

17. The author uses the word “inhuman” in paragraph 4 to
B provide a contrast between an average person and a brutal, cruel personELACC8RI4

18. Which sentence BEST summarizes the most important idea in paragraph 5?
Effective movie monsters evoke an audience response.ELACC8RI2

19. In paragraph 7, the author uses rhetorical questionsA to highlight the similarities between different horror
C to give examples of the different types of horror movie protagonists.


20. Which sentence BEST summarizes the author’s conclusion in paragraph 12?
D “They offer insights into the strengths and weaknesses of humankind.”ELACC8RI2

21. How does the author use specific movies like Frankenstein and King Kong to support his purpose?
C He uses them to support the idea that horror movies can explore and challengetraditional definitions of monster.ELACC8RI3


Which of the following sentences reflects the author’s viewpoint toward monsters in horror movies?

A The best monsters provide insights into the human protagonists.ELACC8RI6

23. Which of the following statements contains the author’s response to a counterargument?
A “While that definition is sometimes useful in analyzing movies, it also muddies thewaters by introducing questions like, Are all bad people monsters?”ELACC8RI6

24. How does the author use the definition of monster from paragraph 2 throughout the text?
D First he establishes a basic meaning for monster and later he describes howdifferent movies explore or expand that meaning.ELACC8RI3

25. How does the play characterize Ichabod Crane for the audience? How might this be different fromhow Crane’s views himself?
Based on both the stage directions and the narrators’ comments in paragraphs60 through 70, the audience would view Crane as odd-looking, awkward, and foolish. The stagedirections in paragraph 67, however, show Crane admiring himself, which suggests that he has ahigh opinion of himself.ELACC8RL6


Summarize the author’s argument in paragraphs 8 through 11 of “The Role of Monsters in HorrorMovies.” Include support from the paragraphs in your summary.

The author says that in movies like King Kong and Frankenstein, both of themonsters demonstrate positive human traits like affection or tenderness while the humansdemonstrate negative traits like cruelty, prejudice, and greed. In both of these cases, the humanprotagonists initiate the conflict by abusing the monster and, in Frankenstein, by even creating themonster in the first place.

As a result, the monsters’ behavior seems more justified in some waysthan the humans’ behavior.ELACC8RI2

27. Which word uses the suffix -ian as it is used in historian in paragraph 2 of Irving’s “The Legend ofSleepy Hollow”?
C technician

28. The word cognonmen has the Latin root nomen, which means “name.” Using this Latin root, whatdoes the sentence “The cognomen of Crane was not inapplicable to his person” mean?
B Crane’s name fit because he looked like a crane, which is a type of bird.


Which word uses the suffix -ance in the same way it is used in ignorance in paragraph 9 of “TheRole of Monsters in Horror Movies”?

D guidance

30. Study the thesaurus entry
A thin

31. Study the thesaurus entry
C reaction

32. Study the thesaurus entry.

C extraterrestrial

33. Which of the following correctly punctuates sentence 1?
B When Joshua arrived at the conference center, a huge building that took up awhole block, he was nervous

34. Choose the BEST way to rewrite sentence 5 to correct the subject-verb agreement
C Everybody was smiling and two boys and a girl were handling nametags

35. Which of the following correctly punctuates the dialogue in sentence 6?
D “Hi,” Joshua said nervously.

36. Which of the following is the correct use of the subjunctive mood in sentence 10?
A “After that, we suggest that every student go to see Corinne for a nametag.

37. Which of the following correctly punctuates sentence 16?
A She wrote it on a nametag, and Joshua pasted it crookedly—he was verynervous—on his shirt

38. How should you revise sentence 18 to correct the punctuation?
B When the other students walked into another room—the largest Joshua had everseen—he followed them.

39. Which rewrite of sentence 19 correctly uses the passive voice?
D When he sat down, though, the chair collapsed as if it were a clown’s prop!

40. Which of the following corrects the capitalization in sentence 21?
C Nadya said, “We are glad to see so many international students.

41. Choose the BEST way to rewrite sentence 23 so it correctly uses the passive voice.
C Petrified, Joshua thought, “I wish I were back at school!”

42. How should sentence 26 be revised to correctly use the passive voice?
A He would call her and suggest that another student be sent tomorrow

43. How should you revise sentence 30 to correctly punctuate the dialogue?
C “I’m Joshua.


How should sentence 31 be punctuated?

D To Joshua’s great surprise, two students, smiling broadly, invited him to join theirconversation.

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