Ancient Greece: Literature and Mythology

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Last updated: May 9, 2019
Athene, the goddess of wisdom and war
Greek mythology played a large part in the lives of the ancient Greeks. Which god or goddess might the Greeks have prayed to before they went into battle?

Demeter’s grief that her daughter returned to the Underworld.
If you lived in ancient Greece, you would have most likely believed that the change in seasons from summer to fall and eventually winter was a result of

Atlas, Herculean, Labryinth, Olympian- all of these words in the English language today originated in myths of the

explained events in the natural world
Myths about Greek gods were important in Ancient Greek daily life because they:

Drama Festivals
In Ancient Greece, these were held twice a year to honor Dionysus, the god of wine

Held tournaments where gladiators fought to honor the gods
The greeks did NOT do this to please their gods

Which goddess of the home did many ancient Greeks honor by building fires in their hearths?

Myths were stories created by the Greeks about gods and goddesses to explain what happened in __________.

its oracle to the god Apollo
What was the sanctuary of Delphi MOST famous for?

If you were an ancient Greek sailor and sought a gentle ride across the Aegean Sea, you would most likely pray to

Greek gods or heroes
During Greek festivals, MOST plays told stories of __________.

Over time, Asclepius’ staff became the universal symbol of ______________.

Who was the Greek poet who wrote the Illiad and the Odyssey?

weak point
Today we use the phrase “Achilles’ heel” to refer to someone’s __________.

Aesop’s fables were and are still used today to teach us about__________.

In modern days, we describe a difficult task by using a term that relates to which Greek mythological figure that performed many difficult tasks?

demo – peoplephilo/phil(e) – having a strong love forchrono – timemoroh – changeAll of these root words used in the English language today originated from which language?

heroic figures and great adventures
The legacy of ancient Greek myths and epics, such as The Iliad, continues to provide people with

The Greek myths reflect human experiences and tell about how heroes overcome challenges
Why do we continue to learn about and read Greek myths such as the Iliad?

The term “Trojan horse” often refers to trick played on an enemy. The horse is mentioned in a story about the Trojan War written by

The Illiad, Odyssey, and Aesop’s fables are famous texts from which civilization?

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