Ancient Greek and Roman Literature

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Main reasons for the greeks achievements
their ability to wonder and ask questions why

how were the Mycenaeans different from the Minoans
the Minoans were peaceful while Mycenaeans were aggressive and enterpprising

two important beliefs greeks had about the characters in the Iliad
they fought in the trojan war and they thought they were ancestors of the greeks

where does the word alphabet come from
first two greek letters of the alphabet, alpha and beta

what two cultural bonds did the greeks share
directs descendants of hellenes and they held olympics

how was lyric poetry different
it was brief, intensely personal, emotional, and down to earth

what caused Sparta and Athens to become the two most powerful city-states
Sparta was militaristic and conservative Athens defeated the Persians and had democratic government, chief naval power

what contributions did pericles make to athens
built parthenon, skillful politician, patron of literature, philosophy and art

What did Herodotus and Thucydides do in their historical account that had never been done before?
they asked rigorous questions and developed historical writing

original, philosopher (lover of wisdom), and “wisdom, beings in wonder”

freedom of conscience, the nature of reality, the existence of the soul, ideal government, way to lead a virtuous life

logic, ethics, political theory, rhetoric, and biology

why is alexander “great”
his conquests spread greek language and culture throughout the mediterranean, north Africa, and western asia

three things that romans valued most
duty to family, seriousness of conduct and purpose, and patriotism and loyalty

Virgil’s version of the founding of rome versus what actually happened
Virgil: the trojan prince flees from the ruins of trow and after a journey led by the gods he reaches Italy where he establishes the colony of trojan survivorsReal: founded as an agricultural settlement on the east bank of the river tiber in the fertile region known as Latium.

what event during the punic wars nearly caused the defeat of the romans
carthaginian leader hannibal led a troop of elephants across Spain and over the alps.

events that led to rome’s civil war
senators thought that Julius caesar had too much power so they killed him. his followers rose up and fought back

why was caesar’s great nephew given the name that mean ” of good omen”
he would restore order

how was the Aeneid important to the roman’s beliefs about themselves
Connected them to a heroic event. linked history and contemporary life

what caused the roman empire to decline
poor supervision of the empire that resulted in corruption and inefficiency

how did they try to fix the empire
dividing the government into two units

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