Andrew and our role in society. But for

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Andrew Tieu Ms.

HollingsworthEnglish Honors 224 January 2018How We Form Our Identity            An identityis a unique personality that each person has that each individual is known by.We construct our identity through many factors in our lives such as ourconnections with others, our values and beliefs, our actions and ideology, ourenvironment and our role in society. But for a long time this has not been truebecause society tends to judge and identify people based on their physicalfeatures such as our looks, gender, ethnic background, religion, and so on.

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Therefore, many people do not create their own identity as they allow societyto form it for them. Many are comfortable when people do not judge them harshlyso they turn to what society wants to see out of them which makes them who theyare not. From my own personal experience, I care about my identity and whatothers think of me.

I often try to present myself in a pleasurable manner bybeing nice to others and playing my role in society the best I can. One’sidentity determines how they will be judged or treated in many cases. This iscreated by many factors in our life that is often decided by the expectationsof others around us.

In the true nonfiction story, Little Princes, by Conor Grennan wantsto volunteer at an orphanage in Nepal for his own benefits such as braggingrights, forming a “fake” identity as he not truly committed to the cause butrather for himself. As he gets to know the children more and more, he enjoysthem and begins to have a growing love for them. Conor eventually out of hisown will goes on a mission to find seven kidnapped children and bring them backto the orphanage. Conor Grennan develops his identity as a selfless father-likefigure to the kids. Through his actions, he, an educated man with manyresources, used his own power for good.

In the end, Grennan used his powers ina way that was helpful to the children he loved forming his identity.

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