Andrew Jackson was an effective and vigorous president

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I feel the statement, “Andrew Jackson was an effective and vigorous president, who acted upon a few key convictions,” is a poor description of Andrew Jackson’s presidency. While Andrew Jackson confronted a few major issues, such as removing some of the men that had hold been holding office for many years, about 1 in 10 men were removed. He also passed a few protective tariffs in an attempt to help the American economy.

Even with these few accomplishments I few that President Jackson was not a very effective president. President Jackson made many choices based upon his political goals, not for the American people. He also, fought against the second back of the United States causing more problems for the nation.Jackson may have felt that he knew what was best for the nation’s future, but he made many poor choices. He had promised to fix the corrupt government, but he vetoed twelve bills during his two terms, while the six men before him had only vetoed nine bills, mostly for unconstitutional issues. President Jackson vetoed bills if they conflicted with his agenda. The tariffs he passed also had problems.

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They favored the North. The South would have to pay more for got with the high taxes on imported goods, and they strongly opposed them. They even attempted to nullify the tariffs. Another problem with the tariffs was that the favored the average people much more than the wealthy aristocrats.Another problem that was caused when Andrew Jackson fought against the second bank of the United States, Jackson strongly favored state power. So he also disliked the idea of a national bank, because this would take away some of the state powers. He weakened the bank by moving the money into state banks. Mostly the New York business men and bankers favored the national bank.

This caused the land prices and money to inflate. When Jackson left office the next president was left with a seven year depression. As the depression became worse and wages dropped it became more sever.

Andrew Jackson was not a very good president. His poor choices caused many problems for the nation during and after his terms. He fought several ideas that would have helped the nation economy.

He also used his power to veto laws that would interferer with his political agenda. Even with Jackson’s few political victories he was not a very effective president.

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