Anglo-saxon literature

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Last updated: April 24, 2019
The Celts
the last and most imporant conqures of England

The Romans
Conqured the british in 55 B.

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C. under the rule of Julius Cearsar. They also left England to defend their home land from the northern euopean tribes

Angles, Saxons, Jutes
the three main tribes

pagan anglo-saxon belief
every human life is in the hands of fate

Where weird comes from in the english language and in the hands of fate

Tues, Wed, Thurs
the names of the week derived from Anglo-saxon gods

anglo-saxon god of war

anglo-saxon chief of gods

anglo-saxon goddess of home and wife of Woden

Christianity in anglo-saxon culture
introduced by the romans in the 4th century

1st benefit of christianity
No more ruling war lords thinking that they were decendents of pagan gods

2nd benefit of christianity
No more men treating their wives, children .

and slaves with cruelity

3rd benefit of christianity
Old fueds ended

Anglo-saxon christian culture benefit
churchmen at that time generally wrote in latin.

Anglo upperclass
earlsan thanes

Anglo lowerclass
thraals and churls

Anglo middle class
there was no middle class

Venreble bede
Father of English history

Bede’s most famous text
the Ecclesiastical History of england

this group began to plunder monastairies and destroyed manuscripts around 780 and then gained control much of northern and eastern England

Anglo-saxon cronicle
historical account of england

Norman conquest
ended the anglo-saxon period in 1066

Characteristics of Anglo-saxon poetry
1.) a formal ridgid pattrern of word stresses 2.) A mid line pause called a caesura 3.) alliteration4.) no rhyme5.

) each line has four accsented beats

the 3rd century anglo-saxon alphabet

The amount of anglo-saxon lines of poetry left today
aproxamately 30,000

most important anglo-saxon poem

Herbic poetry
reacounts the achivements of warriors involved in great battles

Elegiac poetry
sorrowful laments that mourned past events and deaths

2 major influnces of anglo-saxon litterature
1.) government 2.) Relgion

Caedmon and cynewulf
2 known christian poets of anglo-saxon literature

sermons based on bible stories and written in vernacular

The dream of the rood
an a-s poem rediscovered on the Ruthwell cross in scottland in 1823.

That was composed around 650 attributied to by both caedmon and cynewulf

oral tradition
was big because they could not write

Who wrote down oral stories
Monks and archbishops

a colorful indirect way of naming some thing ; uses a compound word in place of the person of thing being named

Highest ideals of an epic hero
-honor-valor-selflessness-goodsense of justice

the author is unknown composed around the 8th century written down in the 11th century began english literature

the goal of all wariors
achevive fame at all costs through battle quests etc.

mead halls
where warriors gathered after battle to drink untill they passed out

the grain in the beer

contests of wit to praise ones self

The thought that events are determined by fate alone

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