Anglo Saxon poetic devices

using part of an object to represent the whole

Pathetic Fallacy
using the setting to mirror the mood of the characters and the mood and atmosphere of the story

Alternating alliteration
a pattern of repeated beginning sounds of words. two stressed sounds alternating in a pattern ab//ab

compound word with metaphorical meaning (bone-lappings, cloud-murk, hell-serf)

pause or line break in a line of poetry

use of repeating the first letter of a word two or more times in a line of poetry

use of exaggeration to crate a strong impression and is not to be taken literally

giving human/living characteristics to something inanimate

Biblical Allusion
reference in literature to the Bible and/or people and objects from the Bible

Antithetical alliteration
when multiple words have the first letter in common.

follows an ab//ba pattern

the similarity and repetition of vowel sounds in certain words at close intervals

repetition of the end or middle consonant sounds in specific words within close intervals

Situational Irony
something happens that is not expected to happen; twist in the plot

direct metaphor
comparison of two objects not using like or as

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