Annabel Lee Test

Edgar Allan Poe
The author of the poem, the assumed speaker or narrator of the poem

the kingdom by the sea
The setting of the poem

six to eight
the number of lines per stanza

The number of stanzas for the poem

line seven
the line that addresses the age of the two lovers

line four
The number of the line in the poem where internal rhyme is used

heaven above
Where the angels are located

under the sea
Where the demons are located

Annabel’s grave (sepulcher)
After the death of Annabel Lee, where the author spends most of his time

beautiful, my darling, my life, my bride
words the author/speaker uses to describe Annabel Lee

the rhyme scheme for most of the poem

for the moon never beams without bringing me dreams
where the author describes his difficulty forgetting his love

lines 15-26
the lines that inform you of Annabel’s death

the ones who coveted their love; also known as angels

chilling and killing
rhyme – similar sounds at the end of two or more words

A chamber used as a grave

older and wiser
the love of the speaker and Annabel Lee was stronger than these two groups of people

to envy, resentment brought about by another’s possession


repetition of consonant sounds at the beginnings of words

Why did Annabel Lee die?
The angels were envious of their love

words that indicate the time of day the speaker thinks of Annabel the most
moon, stars, night-tide

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