Anne Bradstreet (Part 1)

Anne Bradstreet was the first what?
American poet

Anne Bradstreet as a poet is unusual for what three reasons?
women didn’t write poetry, women were generally not educated, and she wrote about her feelings and thoughts

Why is it bad for a man or woman to write about their thoughts of feelings in poetry during Puritan times?
Puritans though poetry should just be for moral instruction

True or false. Anne Bradstreet did not write to have her poetry published.

Why did Anne Bradstreet write poetry?
for her own benefit

Was Anne Bradstreet well educated?

How was Anne Bradstreet educated?
She was tutored at home

Why was she educated?
her father believed she needed an education

Why did she have time to write?
she was ill

Writing poetry was Bradstreet’s outlet for _____.

Anne was placed among what Ancient Greek thing.
9 muses of arts and learning

Who were the father and mother of the 9 muses?
Zeus and Nemosinz

Who was the superior muse or the 9 muses?

What was Colieapea famous for?
heroic poems

True or false. Anne Bradstreet was intuitive.


What being intuitive popular with the Puritans?

Bradstreet’s early works were _____ _____.
scholary poems

Why did she probably write these works first?
She was living with her dad and he and the Puritans encouraged it.

After she moved away from her parents, she wrote _____ and ____ literature.

personal, lyrical

What do her later poems document?
struggles of early life

What is Anne’s style of writing?
plain style

What is plain style writing?
plain, unornamental writing

Anne had a very ____ vocabulary.

Her writing is ______ and ____ to understand.
logical, easy

Her poetry is ____ and has _____ and _____
lyrical, rhythm,beat

Anne uses what kind of speech?

She references to what kind of objects?

She uses what kind of sentence?

True or false. Anne Bradstreet has strong writing.

Her writing reflects her knowledge of what book?
The Bible

“Upon the Burning of Our House” has what kind of rhyming lines?

What kind of meter does “Upon the Burning of Our House” have?
iambic tetrameter

What is iambic? Stresses unstressed or unstressed stressed?
unstressed stressed

Tetrameter means how many feet to a line and how many beats per foot?
4, 2

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