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Last updated: December 10, 2019
Anne Bradstreet was the first noteworthy ________ poet.

She chiefly read the serious and religious writings of the _________.

Who was still alive when Anne Bradstreet was born?
William Shakespeare

Bradstreet and her family and her father and her husband sailed to _______.

They were among the first settlers to the _____________ ___ Colony.

Massachusetts Bay

Her father served 4 terms as the colony’s ________.

Among her descendants were the poets _________ and ______ ________
O.W. Holmes, Edward Robinson

Her ______ went to England and had 4 of her peoms published.

Her “____________” were groups of four, “Four Ages of Man”, “Four Seasons”, “The Four Elements”

There are traces of her being influenced by English poets _______, ______, ____ _____, and _______
Spenser, Sidney, John Donne, Herbert

What poem is she best known for?

In line 3, “mean” means “______.


Who was the main influence in her poem (The Prologue)?

What are spirits of ancient goddesses who inspire poets?

The “sweet-tongued” Greek poet she spoke of in stanza 4 was who?

How many greek muses were there?

What are “quills” in stanza 8?
ink pens

Explain the metaphor Bradstreet uses in lines 47 and 48. What does it compare?
unrefined ore = her poems, glistening gold = famous poet’s poems; comparing her poetry to great classic poetry

What was Bradstreet’s greatest honor?
victory over flesh

Lines 25-34 and lines 58-60 are about what three aspects of the Flesh?
riches, fame/honor, pleasures

What is the meaning of “unregenerate” in line 37?

Who is our fleshly father?

Who is our spirit father?

Where shall there be no “darksome night,” yet “no candle… nor yet torchlight?”
in Heaven

Explain who Phoebus is or what he represents.
“the bright one,” the sun, Apollo

Whose power and beauty do we know by his works?

Give the attributes of God that Bradstreet lists in stanza 2.
goodness, wisdom, glory, light

What would the speaker worship of she knew not the real God?
the sun

What is the poet personifying as a “bridegroom” rushing from its chamber in stanza 5?
the sun

In line 42, what is personified?
the sun

To whom does Bradstreet compare the sun in stanza 7? Quote the line that best states this.

God; “How full of glory then must the Creator be.”

Who is praising God and how in stanza 9?
grasshopper and cricket; they sing to glorify God

What was Adam’s penalty in stanza 11?
kicked out of Eden, forced to work for a living

Explain the “fratricide” in stanza 14.
When a brother kills a brother

True or false, is a puritan the same as a pilgrim?

Define Iambic Pentameter.

a poetic meter that is made up of 5 stressed syllables each followed by an unstressed syllable

In stanza 15, why did Cain build a city?
to protect himself

Where did Cain find all those people to create a city?
Adam had other children besides Cain and Able.

What 2 things could Cain not rid himself of?
guilt, punishment

Compared to the ages attained by adam and those who lived before the flood, what fraction of their ages do we live?

Explain the contrast between the earth and humans and how age affects each. (see stanza 18)
man shows its age, earth does not

Contrast man and earth in stanza 20.
the earth will perish, but man will last forever

What is an allusion?
a reference to another work of literature, person, or event

Explain the allusion in stanza 25.
Neptune is the god of the sea

Contrast man an bird in stanza 27.
birds dont fear or worry, but man does

According to line 203, from whom do troubles come to us?
foes, friends, dearest relationships

What all does time take away in stanza 33?
nothing escapes

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