Anne Frank Play Act 2: Scene 1

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Last updated: May 9, 2019
What month and year does this Act take place in?
January 1944

How long have the Franks been hiding in the attic at this point in time?
One year and five months and 25 days

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What holiday are they celebrating?
The New Year

Who comes to visit?
Miep and Mr. Kraler

What gift do they receive?
A cake from Miep that she baked.

What was written on the cake and why did it say this?
“Peace in 1944” to give them hope that things will get better and the war will be over in 1944 so they can come out of hiding and not suffer anymore

What was Mrs. Frank’s reaction to Miep visiting?
She said “You shouldn’t have. You should have at least one day for yourself”.

She was grateful and very appreciative because she feels that Miep must have used up all her sugar rations for weeks just to make this one cake.

What was Anne’s reaction to Miep visiting?
She was excited and wanted her to come and expected her to. She liked to be able to talk to her about things in the outside world.

Who is sick?

Why did Margot take every pill they had?
She took every pill they had because she was 1) sick2) it was important for her not to cough or sneeze so the workers below or people on the street would not hear her

Who was going to cut the cake first?
Mrs. Van Daan

How many pieces did Mr. Van Daan say she should cut
7 but there are 8 people

Why did Mr. Van Dan “miscount”?
Because he thought Margot would not want any because she was sickANDthat meant each person would get a bigger piece and he wanted as much as he could get

Who did Mr.

Dussel say should cut the cake and why?

Mrs. Frank because she is fair

What does Peter discuss with Miep?
He asks her if she has seen a grey cat because Mouschi is missing. He asks if she will go by there house to see if she went there.

What does Mr. Van Daan give Miep and why?
He gives her Mrs. Van Daan’s fur coat that her father bought her. He wants Miep to sell if for a good price. He asks her to also bring back cigarettes.

Why does Margot say, “Something’s gone wrong. I know it!”
Because she sees and hears Mr. Kraler asks to speak to Mr. Frank in private

What is the rumor about the Franks? Why?
There is a rumor that they went to Switzerland.

There is this rumor so that no one will question why they left or where they are because Switzerland was neutral during the Holocaust.

What did the man in the store room do that made Mr. Kraler worried?
He was starring at the bookcase. Then he said he remembered there was a door that led to the loft there. Then he asked for more money each week.

What was Mr. Kraler afraid of?
That the man from the store room would tell the Green Police about the secret door and they would find the Franks and Van Daans.

What does Mr. Dussel think about this man from the store room asking for money?
He thinks that he must have been the thief that was in the office the night Anne screamed. And when he heard Anne scream he started to think about the door and that people were hiding in the loft.

What does Margot wish for?
that the end would come, whatever it is

What did Mr. Dussel say about Mouschi that made Peter so mad?
He said someone is enjoying a nice cat dinner.

What did Peter do for Anne?
He took her the cake that she left.

What does Peter tell Anne?
He tells her that she did fine and that he likes the way she is able to speak to the adults and tell them what she thinks and feels. He likes that in her because he can’t do it.

Anne says “His Lordship is always here.” Who is “His Lordship?”


Why does Anne feel that she has to stand there and take it?
Because she does not have any place to go to get away from it all and because she shares a room with Mr. Dussel.

What does Peter offer Anne when she wants to let off steam?
To come to his room

What bad news happened to Miep’s friends and why?
Miep’s friend that gave out ration books was arrested. So they have even less food then they had before. Now they are really starving.

In the end of Scene 1, what month and year is it?
March 1944 Americans landed in Italy so Mr. Frank hopes war is almost over

What does Anne long for?
Her friends, someone to talk to, and someone who understands

What feeling does Anne have?
That she is misunderstood

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