Anne girl who has to go into hiding during

Anne Frank as a Heroic Figure     Anne Frank has made a mark in our world, and she can be taken into consideration a hero to us all. In the biography of “Diary and a Young Girl”, Anne is a young Jewish girl who has to go into hiding during World War Two to escape from the Nazis.

Anne is a hero because of her patience and calmness, her positive and determined mindset, and probably her most known trait; how brave and powerful she is. Anne Frank’s life has changed the lives of others because her positivity, Anne’s time in hiding, and what she demonstrates in her diary all have a role in how the world perceives the Holocaust.          The people around Anne were terrified for their lives during the hiding from the Nazis, however, Anne was calm and patient until she got her freedom. Anne’s family and relatives lived in the Secret Annex for nearly three years without ever once setting foot outside. “It was extremely uncomfortable… my legs felt like they weren’t there” (Frank 152). This would require patience for staying in a location for so long. In addition, the eight members, including Anne in the Secret Annex could not move from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm, so no one would hear them below. This called for even more patience, to sit still for ten hours without any movement.

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Anne must have been calm, even tempered person if she lived with the same eight people twenty-four hours, for three years. This trait in Anne shows why she is a great hero. When Anne’s family’s hiding place was found, Anne stayed remarkably calm when they were taken away.

“On August 4, 1944, the eight people hiding in the Secret Annex were arrested…” (Frank 280). Anne did not cry or scream when her cherished diary was thrown to the ground. Anne simply watched her life blow away and hope for the future of what was to become of her. Therefore, Anne would always try to be calm and patient in any situations.          Anne Frank is a very positive and determined girl and it shows clearly and she inspired many.

Anne has many hopes and dreams and spends her days confiding in her beloved diary. She is always thankful and tends to make the best of things. “I always try to be positive in any situations, to set a good role model I guess…” (Frank 213).

When Anne first sees the small dull, damp place they will be staying in, she calls it “grand”. She is determined to be free again and this keeps her spirits high. She even wishes to be in the Secret Annex as it keeps her and her family safe rather than the hate-filled streets below. Anne attempts to make the Annex appear like home.

“I try to decorate the walls… making it seem like home, just like in Frankfurt” (Frank 215). She even tries to celebrate holidays and have fun in their small, dull, damp place. Even though they could barely move in the Annex.

Because Anne cannot have a friend over to visit, she relies on her “kitty” to be her best friend. A hero should always be positive and have a determined mindset, and that is what Anne has.        A quality that stands out in Anne is bravery. The consistent bombs going off at night and not knowing what was going on outside must have been terribly frightening, still, she was brave. “At 11:32 pm, constant bombs were going off… everyone started to be frightened… but I tried to stay calm and brave during the night” (Frank 193).

There was a whole battle occuring outside, thousands were being killed and injured each day, hundreds rounded up and taken away to concentration camps, but still, Anne led a “semi-normal” life. With this chaos going on around her and living in a small, damp place. In addition, Anne was only 13 at the time when they went into hiding, she was forced to forget her life and childhood, education, friends, teachers, and her cat. “I had to forget everything, including my precious cat” (Frank 143). Anne is very brave to give up her freedom and contact with friends and family members to save her life.

Anne had to start a whole new life. When Anne’s family, was found and taken away, she yet started a new life. Anne is very brave to withstand all of this.

         Therefore, Anne is a hero because of her patience and calmness, her positive and determined mindset, and probably her most known trait; how brave and powerful she is. Without Anne’s help, the world would never the pain caused during this time. Anne’s diary showed the world what life was like during the war.

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