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Last updated: December 16, 2019
How is this piece organised?( How many stanzas/verses)How is the idea developed?(what words or phrases give the images or theme emphasis or clarity)What is the structure?(line length/rhyme scheme? Is there any rhythm/repetition/enjambment?

What is the poem about?Does it have a message?What is the poet discussing?Is there an overall theme and idea in the poem?

What pictures do you get in your mind when you read the poem?Does the poem contain similes/metaphors or personification?Why do you think the poet has included these images in the poem?

What words has the poet used to create an image?Are there any complicated words? Is the language simple to understand?Which words and phrases create the images?

What is the effect of the poem?What does the poem make you feel/think about?What opinion does it show about the subject?What is the poet trying to say about their subject?

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