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Last updated: September 22, 2019

Anorexia Nervosa is a psychological and a serious eating disorder in which the affected people experiencing low body weight. The main symptoms were extreme weight loss, needless fear of weight gain, and imagination of self-image and body.In addition to this , boys and girls who suffer from anorexia nervosa fix their mind with a thin figure and abnormal eating patterns leading to lack of appetite. Anorexia is basically identified by starvation without eating any kind of food.Restricting eating habits is the main symptom of anorexia. They never try to listen to the health impairment and always obsessed about their body appearance.

The severe behaviours resulting in anorexia are obsession , frequent refusals and uncontrollable exposure of emotions.While someone may diet in an to control weight, anorexia nervosa is somewhat different in which it is an attempt to gain control over one’s life and feelings, which might also lead to traumatic conditions or a chaotic environment. At first they might set their mind to lose weight as their initial goal and by proceeding without their knowledge they lose the control over them and remain unsafe .Anorexia Nervosa is detected by high energy intake restriction, unnecessary fear of gaining weight and disturbance in self perceived weight or shape. For some people, restricting their food can be a way of controlling areas of life that feel out of their control and their body image can come to define their entire sense of self worth. This might lead to different expression of emotions over the society.The reasons behind the development of Anorexia will differ from person to person.

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Known causes include genetics and a combination of environmental, social and cultural factors. Restrictive dieting and excessive exercise can be contributing factors to the onset of Anorexia . Women and girls with Anorexia may use excessive dieting behaviour in order  to achieve a perfect constructed thin attractive ideal whereas men may over exercise and control their diet to achieve a muscular and fit  body. Th individual trying to keep their body fit by dieting is not actually wrong but if this goes in a uncontrollable manner by obsession over it all the time might lead to severe health and psychological issues . Hence the aim of the this study is to create awareness about anorexia and its serious impairments among adolescents who are experiencing eating disorder and it’s preventable in our society

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