Another in urban areas. If a couple gave

Another effect that China is experiencing is the “4:2:1” problem. The
children who were a result of the one child policy and have reached adulthood
by the end of the 1990’s, end up financially responsible for two parents, and
four grandparents. China’s
population has been heavily influenced by the majority consisting of the
elderly. In
addition there is a chance that the children of the one child policy have been
poorly disciplined due to “spoiling” the single child. This is
a result of couples who prefers a bigger family,  being limited to only having one child. On the
other hand, parents who preferred more than one child have gone beyond extreme
measures to try and find a loophole within the limits. This
causes for some parents to have their second child abroad, known as birth tourism. A popular
option for birth tourism is considered to be the Unites States of America. Another
result of the policy are couples who turn to medical alternatives such as
increasing the possibility of giving birth to twins. With a 2006 China Daily report, the
number of twins born every year had doubled. One
shocking effect was the rise of unregistered children known as “black children.” Realistically,
they do not legally exist, preventing them from acquiring proper public care
such as education, health care, etc. (ADD
the 2015 decision of allowing couples to have two children, there were some
exceptions. For
instance, those who lived in rural areas faced less penances than those in
urban areas. If a
couple gave birth to a child with a disability, whether mental of physical,
then the couple was able to have a second child. In
addition, if a parent experienced a lost of a child, then they were allowed to
have a second child. The
policy finally changed after authorities realized that China was undergoing a
top-heavy population. In other words, there were too many of
dependendants for the number of young independents to support. This
could be detrimental to the economy which could face set backs for two to three
decades. It is
estimated that China could become
the number one country with the largest elderly population within the next decade. In the
labor market, the working population had decreased by millions. It is
estimated that China will have 30 million bachelors creating a dire danger ratio situation. China
hopes that the two child policy will help stabilize the consequences of the one
child policy.  The impact of the two child policy was
not expected to be instant, as couples are doubtful on having a second child. Studies
that have been conducted in the year of 2015, shows that out of 11 million couples legally
allowed a larger family, one 1 million had made an application. It is
believed that after 30 years of social conditioning, families are unwilling to
take the risk of having a second child. This is
due to the financial burden and time to raise a child (add method). As the
two child policy is seen an improvement in the right direction, critics believe
that it isn’t enough to reverse the problems it has caused. The
government still controls the birth rate, the number of children is still limited,
and women are still being told when they can and can’t reproduce. The right to have two children, will soon shift to
the right of having a third.  Wang Fung who is a leading demographic expert states, ” the one
child policy is one of the most glaring policy mistakes that China has made.” (Under
extreme cirumstances, violations may be ubjected in order to protect the


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