Anton Bruckner, an Austrian composer

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In this essay, I will be introducing Anton Bruckner an Austrian composer.

Aton Bruckner was born September 4, 1824- died October 1 1, 1896. He lived in Austria, Ansfeldan. Bruckner’s full name is Josef Anton Bruckner. He was an Austrian composer of a number of highly original and monumental symphonies, Also an organist and teacher who composed much sacred and secular chorus music. Bruckner was the son of a village schoolmaster and organist in upper Austria.

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The type of music that Bruckner composed was vast amount of chorus music. In 1835-1836 he studied in Horsching with his godfather, J. B Weiss, who was a minor omposer. But after, Bruckner’s father died in 1837, he had entered into the monastery-school of St. Florian as a choir boy. He trained in Linz as an assistant school teacher in 1840-1841, after holding appointments in Windhag and Kronstorf, he returned to St, Florian as a fully qualified elementary teacher in 1845.Bruckner taught at St, Florian for about a decade, and then in 1848 he became the principal organist of its abbey church.

Bruckner had essentially only one symphonic conception, which evolved slowly over the course of his career. His earliest symphonies represent the first stage of this development, while the symphony no. in D Minor {1873} uncovers the essence of his mature style. The symphony no. in b- flat major {1875-1876} perfect the mould, which Bruckner pursued in the more complete symphonies and an unfinished one. Because of many revisions Bruckner made to his symphonic scores, there has always existed the problem of which version is best in performance.

And as a general rule, the first version is usually preferable. The second half of the 20th century saw a huge expansion in the public’s appreciation of Bruckner, whose music repays a patient approach on the part of the listener.

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