Anxiety by the age of 16 (Austin, 2012).

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Last updated: February 12, 2019

Anxiety disorders are among the most common mentalhealth disorders experienced by children and young people, with an estimatedprevalence of 6.5% (Cooper, 2017).  Thecumulative prevalence of anxiety disorders in children alone are around 10% bythe age of 16 (Austin, 2012). (MORE STATS) For a large proportion of children, anxietyproblems are long lasting and usually interfere with their development andfunctioning (Austin, 2012). It can affect their day to day life with affects intheir academics, self-esteem, and social interactions ( ). If left untreated itcan often lead into adulthood and can also present risks for other mentalhealth problems (Cooper, 2017). Anxiety can be such a prevalent problem amongyoung people today that there are many community mental health resources thatone can turn to in the GTA.

CAMH is one of the mostrespectable resources that young people have access to. ( ) Not only does ithave excellent information about mental health for clients and families, but italso provides clients with excellent and outstanding programs and services(CAMH, n.d). CAMH provides great in-patient and out-patient programs for peoplewith mental disorders (CAMH, n.d). The programs that CAMH provides can help youngadults deal with major depression, bipolar disorder (manic depressive illness),anxiety disorders and obsessive compulsive disorder (CAMH, n.d.

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). The programitself is divided into six specialty clinics which provide clinical care,education and research (CAMH, n.d.).

The program offersconsultations; time limited treatments and follow-up, education and servicesfor families (CAMH, n.d.). Also, CAMH provides group therapies for clients so that they donot feel alone, as well as individual therapies for a more one on oneexperience (CAMH, n.d.

).  Among the manytherapies that CAMH provides the three main therapies are cognitive behaviourtherapy (CBT), interpersonal treatment (IPT) and psychoeducation. Furthermore,in this paper I will discuss the three main treatments that CAMH provides andfurther explore the treatments of CBT, IPT, and psychoeducation with research.

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