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Last updated: December 9, 2019
Describe the scoring process for an AP exam.
There are two sections, one being multiple-choice and one being essay prompts. The 55 multiple-choice questions are done in an hour and are scored by a machine. There are three essays that are graded by two people and averaged for the final score out of nine. The essays are completed in an hour and twenty minutes. Those two scores are then put into a 0-5 scale, 3 being passing.

Define the differences between AP lit in AP language.

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AP literature focuses more on themes and purpose of literature (artsy and creative stuff) while AP language focuses on the writing itself, rhetoric, and literary devices. (Science, effect on people)

How is an AP lit writing prompt different from an AP Lang writing prompt? And AP US history prompt?
AP literature prompts focus on poems and has no reading time. AP US history prompts focus on historical works and recalling events. There is also no essay structure .

AP language prompts involve a DBQ and rhetoric.

List three characteristics of the multiple-choice section of the AP lit exam.
Three characteristics are that there are 55 questions, it takes an hour to complete, and it is 45 percent of your test.

List three characteristics of the essay section of the AP lit exam.
Three characteristics of the essay section is that there are three essays, we have an hour and 20 minutes for the entire thing, and it is worth 55% of your overall score.

How many essay prompts are there on the AP lit exam?
There are three essay prompts.

Explain the basic format of each of the essay prompts on the AP lit exam.
One of the essay prompts is poetry which asks the question “what is the attitude of the speaker towards the subject?”. Another essay prompt is prose which is a short story or play or an excerpt from play and asks the question how do you elements of fiction reinforce the meaning of the text.

The last prompt is an open response question which asks how the central unifying concept alters the meaning of a text.

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