AP World Multiple Choice Chapters 13-15

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The tropics are warm all year round. The center of the tropic zone is marked by the

By 1200 human migrations had spread many useful plants and animals around the tropics including
Bananas, yams, and cocoa

The rainy and dry seasons in the Indian Ocean reflect the influence of the

The form of extensive agriculture that was used in sub-Saharan Africa is called
Shifting cultivations

The greatest network of irrigation canals between the 14-19th century was found in

The most abundant metal worked in the tropics was

The empires of Mali in west Africa and of Delhi in South Asia both utilized
Islamic administration

The spread of Islam to lands south of the Sahara came about through
A gradual and peaceful process

Mansa Kankan Musa made a famous pilgrimage that
Served to demonstrate enormous wealth

In addition to fulfilling his personal religious obligations, mansa Musa’s pilgrimage resulted in the
Construction of new mosques and quaranic schools in Mali

Turkish invaders were able to successfully invade India because of
The division of India into small states

The Turkish conquest of northern India was aided by
Indian rebellions

Sultan Iltutmish passed his empire to Raziya, his

When the Delhi sultanate began to lose control of its realm, new kingdoms emerged in India called
Bahmani and Vijayanagar

Although the Delhi sultanate had its problems, it did provide a
Centralized political authority to India

Which of the following did NOT help to increase Indian Ocean trade between 1200 and 1500?
The invention of the lateen sail and the compass

The characteristic ship of the Arabian Sea was the

The largest, most technologically advanced ship in the Indian Ocean was the Chinese

The different regional networks of the Indian Ocean trade were tied together by
Commercial interests

By 1250 the most important trading city of the Swahili coast was

The economic and political power of great Zimbabwe was based on long-distance trade in
Gold, copper, and salt

What significant cultural feature allowed the regions of Aden and Ethiopia to thrive commercially?
Convenient stopover for traders

As trade in increased in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, the strait of Malacca became the center of a political rivalry between
The Majapahit and Chinese pirates

Because of the trade through the strait of malacca, malacca became an important port and
Became a meeting place for traders around the Eurasian world

The cultural blending associated with the expansion and spread of Islam from 1200-1500 can be seen by examining
The design of mosques

In Islamic society, mosques
Were centers of learning and promoted literacy

The spread of Islam to India promoted a new language that combined Persian and hindi influence called

The most profitable item traded from North America to Timbuktu, a center for learning, was

The prosperity of the Asian and African kingdoms from 1200-1500 was accompanied by the
Growth of slavery

The status of women in tropical India may have improved, based on reports that
Sati, or widow burning became optional

Which of the following was NOT one of the active roles or special skills that women of the tropical regions played or contributed to their communities?
Ruling many countries throughout the tropics

Western Europeans of the later Middle Ages referred to themselves as
Latins or Franks

What percentage of the Western European population was rural during the late Middle Ages?

What caused the end of serfdom in Western Europe?
The Black Death

Which factor was NOT a contributor to the doubling of the European population between 1100-1445?
Unification under Christianity

The three-field system was
An agricultural method

By the time it subsided, the Black Death had killed
One out of three Western Europeans

Which of the following was NOT a social result of the Black Death epidemic?
A call for democracy

Windmills and watermills
Had long been common in the Islamic world

In europe’s later middle ages, the rapid growth of industry resulted in environmental changes; which of the following was NOT among them?
The extinction of many animal species

The continued growth of trade and manufacturing after 1200 resulted in
The growth of urban areas in the Latin West

The growth of metal working industries in the Middle Ages was due to
All of these

The crucial factor to the growth of cities was
The beginning of the guild system

Marco polo’s goal was to
Travel to the mongol capital

The predominant city for trade with the Far East during the Middle Ages was

Which of the following is NOT true of trading cities in Europe during the Middle Ages?
They were home to most of Europe’s Jews

What official role did the Catholic Church play in the persecution of Jews in medieval Europe?
No role, the church was officially the protector of the Jews

A guild was
An association of craft specialists from the same trade

One of the most significant growth industries in the 14th century was
Merchant banking

The Hanseatic League was based in

Which of the following is true of merchant banking in the 15th century?
Checking accounts, shareholding, companies, money changing, loans, and investments were offered as services

What architectural wonder first made its appearance in France on the year 1140 C.E.?
Gothic cathedrals

Which of the following is NOT a distinctive feature of the Gothic cathedral?

The renaissance began in
Northern Italy

Some of the lost knowledge of the Greek and Arab world came into the Latin west through
The recapture of southern Italy from Byzantines and of Sicily and Toledo from the Muslims

Before they were expelled in 1942, the largest population of Jews in the west was found in

The two new religion orders in the 13th century that lent themselves to teaching were
Dominican and Franciscans

In the universities of the Latin west, all courses were taught in
Latin, duh

The most notable work on the scholasticism, the summa, was written by
Thomas Aquinas

Which of the following does describe the divine comedy?
It was written in Latin

One of the significant features of the growth of literature in the 14-15th century was
The development of epic poetry

The greatest influence of the humanists was
The reform of the secondary education

Which of the following statements about the Manga carta is NOT true?
It gave new rights to the peasants

Which of the following fostered artistic growth in the renaissance?
The patronage of wealthy merchants prelates

Credit for the lost art of painting being revived is traditionally given to

What changes transformed later medieval military technology?
Firearms and crossbows with metal-tipped arrows

Joan of arc
Led the French victory in a decisive battle during the hundred year was

The great western schism originated over
The nationality of the pope

Which of the following is true of new monarchies in Europe between 1450-1600?
All of these

Spain’s recon quest and political consolidation excluded which group?

By -500, the English parliament
Had become a permanent part of the English government

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