Appalachia trail. This trail is one of the

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Appalachia is defined as a 205,000-square-mile region whichencompasses four-hundred-twenty different counties.Although this may be thetextbook definition, I define Appalachia as my home. A place withbeautiful-natural-surreal scenery including: mountains, rapids, and vast trailsfor family and friends to gather. Also, this region is known for an event bythe name of Hillbilly days. This is a shindig where the community gathers amongfestive bluegrass music, soul food, and carnival rides. Though not everythingIs amazing about Appalachia. With the recent hit in the coal mining industry,this region has been economically struck.

Business closing, relatives movingaway, and a tremendous increase in unemployment.  The Appalachian region has a lack of topographical andphysiographical boundaries, so it is very controversial over what states thisregion actually includes. A commission by the name Appalachian RegionalCommission defines the region as including thirteen states: Alabama, Georgia,Kentucky, Maryland, Mississippi, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania,South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. I, for one, am home tothe amazing state of West Virginia. Known for its scenery, civil war history,and Steve Harvey. Not to mention, this state is home to some of the most kindand generous people you will ever meet.

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  Appalachia is home to one of the most famous mountain rangesin the country, the Appalachian Mountains. These mountains, extending overone-thousand-miles, are composed of crests, valleys, ridges, and forests.Besides being known for the mountain range, Appalachia is known for theAppalachian trail. This trail is one of the longest hiking only footpath trailsin the world.

Although exploring the terrain of Appalachia is very exciting, myfavorite thing about living in this region Is the culture. In particular, themusic. This is said to be one of the most well-known manifestations of ourculture.

Traditional Appalachian music is a derivative of the English and Scottishballad tradition and Irish and Scottish fiddle music.  The early settlers of the Appalachian region were NativeAmericans. They were hunter-gathers, arriving in the region oversixteen-thousand years ago.

Archeologist first discovered them at a site inWashington County, Pennsylvania. In which some scientists identify this as thepre-Clovis culture. By the late seventeenth century, the central part of theAppalachian region was controlled by Algonquian tribes, the Shawnee. And thesouthern part of the region was controlled by the Cherokee. Not to mention, theFrench based in modern day Quebec made inroads in the northern areas of what isknown today New York state and Pennsylvania.

By the middle of the eighteenthcentury, the French had made numerous outpost such as: Fort Le Boeuf and FortDuquesne. The forts served as a control center for different access points.  Appalachian folk medicine is a way of healing with anassociation of beliefs and practices which were transferred orally. Modernmedicine has engulfed some of these remedies and they’re becoming lessprevalent in today’s society. Ginkobiloba(also known as Ginko) was used as ablood thinner. Additionally, this was said to have helped blood clots and helpedincrease circulation. In folk medicine, ginger has been believed to relievedyspepsia, flatulence, colic, vomiting and diarrhea.

Preparations of the roothave been used to stimulate appetite, and to relieve migraine headache and rheumaticand muscular disorders. Wild cherry bark was also used as a folk medicine, itwas believed to have been a substitute for modern day cough medicine. 

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