April Fool’s Day

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Last updated: February 23, 2019

Everyone knows that April Fool’s Day is a day that we have some fun and play a Jokes on our friends and family.

Sometimes I play some heartless and cruel Jokes on my friends and family and I learned my lesson. Last year, on April Fool’s Day I was so bored and nothing to do at home and decided to scare my cousin. I called her and I started crying hysterically and told her that her best friend Diana had got into a terrible car accident and she’s in intensive care inBloomington hospital and can’t wake up. I am at the hospital now talking to her doctor and he said her condition is so bad and he could not tell she’s going to be k.

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My cousin said that Under you are Joking it can’t be true because she’s a good driver and also it’s Bloomington come on , how come she got into a accident, she said and I was like why would I lie to you, it is not a Joke if you don’t believe me you can talk to the doctor I said. She started crying and she said that she’s coming to Bloomington room Chicago immediately and she hung up the phone.I was laughing so hard and could not realized that it was a heartless and cruel Joke. After two or three hours later she found out that was a Joke and called me how dare you Joke like that, even if it’s a Joke that is a omen and hung up. Later that night Diana called me with angry voice and said, Under thanks so much for the announcement of my death and that was a brilliant Joke and hung up. It was a bad day and I should not have Joked like that and now I am being so careful even if I Joke.

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