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the American medical profession by 1860 was noted for
its primitive standards

when it came to scientific achievement, America in the 1800s was
more interest in practical matters

Harvard biologist
Louis Agassiz

Gilbert Stuart
portrait artist

author of ‘Birds of America’
John Audubon

America’s artistic achievements in the first half of the 19th century
were least notable in architecture

the Hudson river school excelled in the art of painting

a genuinely American literature received a strong boost from the
wave of nationalism that followed the war of 1812

who wrote ‘the sketch book’ with “rip van winkle”
Washington Irving

who wrote ‘Leatherstocking Tales”
James Cooper

Who wrote ‘the American scholar’
ralph waldo emerson

transcendentalists believed that all knowledge came through
an inner light

all of the following influenced transcendental thought EXCEPT-german philosophers-oriental religions-individualism-love of nature-catholic belief
catholic belief

“Civil disobedience” an essay that later influenced both Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr, was writted by the transcendentalist
Henry David Thoreau

The Poet Laureat of Democracy, whose emotional and explicit writing expressed a deep love of the masses and enthusiasm for an expanding America was
walt whitman

the most noteworthy southern novelist before the Civil War was
William Gilmore Simms

One American writer who did not believe in human goodness and social progress was
edgar allen poe

Henry longfellow

edgar allan poe
“raven” and “fall of the usher house”

herman melville
moby dick

the Knickerbocker group of American writers included
Washington Irving and William Cullen Bryant

American transcendentalist writers included
ralph emerson, henry Thoreau, margarent fuller

transcendentalists were dedicated to
individualism and self-reliance

virtually all the distinguished historians of the early 19th century America came from
new england

early 19th century American educators included
Horace mannWilliam McGuffeyNoah Websteremma Willardmary lyon

social reformers of the early 19th century wanted to
find a practical application for their evangelical religionreaffirm traditional values in the confusion of industrializationfulfill the ideals of American democracy

in the early 19th century amerca
women couldn’t votemarried women could not retain ownership of their property

in early 19th century America, men usually regarded women as
having sharply distinct economic role in societyphysically and emotionally weak but morally superior to menhaving their proper place in the home

the leaders of the women’s rights movement in the early 19th century included
Lucretia Mott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B.


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