APUSH Ch. 20

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Why were the Americans fascinated by politics during the late nineteenth century?
D. Most Americans saw it as a form of entertainment

The Grandfather Clause waived the literacy requirement for voters whose ancestors had
D. Voted before 1867

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Which of the following was NOT a part of the Republican party’s platform in the post- Civil War period?

Decentralized the central government

Which of the following is NOT true of American politics in the 1870s and 1880s?
D. The influence of the Civil War generation was fading

In this case, the Supreme Court upheld the right of states to regulate commerce.
B. Munn v. Illinois

The Wabash decision stated that

States could regulate only interstate commerce

The Interstate Commerce Commission
E. Was the first attempt at federal regulatory commissions

Until the 1890s,
A. The presidency was weaker than Congress

The Pendleton Act
B. Created a merit system for governmental appointments

Grover Cleveland
C. Curtailed federal activites

Which of the following court decisions severely crippled the Sherman Antitrust Act
B. United States v.

E.C. Knight

Which of the following was NOT an accomplishment of the Harrison administration?
C. Bland-Allison Act

The Sherman Antitrust Act

Was vague and at the mercy of the courts

The case of United States v. E.C. Knight
E. Drew a sharp distinction between commerce and manufacturing

Those who supported the free coinage of silver
A. Were convinced it would raise wages and crop prices

The Sherman Silver Purchase Act
C. Kept limited silver coinage in circulation

Which of the following was NOT a reason for farm discontent in the late 19th century?

The inability to organize and voice their discontent

Which of the following was NOT an organization of farmers that sprang into existence in the late 1880s
D. The Grange

The major objective of the Alliance Movement was
B. To organize and politicize the American farmer

Which of the following was NOT a demand of the Populist Party?
E. Maintenance of the gold standard

The election of 1892
A. Brought disappointing results for the Populistsq

The Panic of 1893
A. Was caused by the economic changes of the period

Which of the following was NOT a consequence of the depression of 1893?
C. It brought rural and urban societies closer together

President Cleveland broke the Pullman Strike on grounds that it had

Obstructed the delivery of the mail

Which of the following was NOT a consequence of the Pullman Strike?
E. The workers had their demands met

In the 1890s, miners of the Midwest
A. Were seriously affected by the flood of immigrants from southern and Eastern Europe

The greatest change in American literature during the 1800s was the rise of
C. Realism

The literary naturalists argued that
A. The environment had a great effect om shaping human character.

The major issue of the election of 1896 was
A. Currency

Why was William Jennings Bryan defeated in 1896?
C. The established eastern press had deserted him

As president, William McKinley

Was an activist president

The 1890s
E. Shaped the destiny of the nation

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