APUSH Chapter 15

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The Diest faith embraced all of the following except
the concept of original sin took heat how? believed in reason instead of revolution

All of the following are true of the second great awakening except that it
was not as large as the first great awakening how so? diversitymore choicesmore options

Religious revivals of the second great awakening resulted in
a strong religious influence in many areas of American life

The second great awakening tended to
promote religious diversity which results or promotes? other institutions

The second great awaking also tended to
widen the lines between classes and regions how so? started beginnings of middle class

One characteristic of the mormons that angered many non-mormons was their
emphasis on cooperative or group effortwhy? doesn’t inspire individualism and self reliance

Tax supported public education
was deemed essential for social stability and democracy why? public education gives common man a chance

In the first half of the nineteenth century, tax supported schools were
chiefly available to educate children of the poor why? more educated workforce

ONe strong prejudice inhibiting women from obtaining higher education in the early nineteenth century was the belief that
too much learning would injure women’s brains and ruin their health cult of domesticity

Women became especially active in the social reforms stimulated by the Second Great Awakening because
evangelical religion emphasized their spiritual dinging and religious social reform legitimized their activity outside the home controlled the house and morals

Two areas where women in the nineteenth century were widely thought to be superior to men were
moral sensibility and artistic refinement

The excessive consumption of alcohol by Americans in the 1800s
stemmed from the hard and monotonous life of many who lead way to top it? women

Sexual differences were strongly emphasized in nineteenth-century America because
the market economy increasingly separated men and done into distinct economic roles

Neal Dow sponsored the Maine Law of 1851, which called for
a ban on the manufacture and sale of intoxicating liquor why? meaning protecting families

By the 1850s the crusade for women’s rights were eclipsed by
abolitionism similar to civil rights in the 1950 to 1960

The American medial profession by 1860 was noted for
its still primitive standards shows lack of science

Most of the utopian communities in pre-1860s America held ___ as one of their founding ideals
cooperative social and economic practices examples: shaker heights, Ohio

When it came to scientific achievement, America in the 1800s was
more interested in practical matters why? market economy and revolution

A genuinely American literature received a strong boost form the
wave of nationalism that followed the War of 1812 why? trying to create identity and culture

Transcendentalist believed that all knowledge came through
an inner light

“Civil Disobedience,” an essay that later influenced both Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr was written by the transcendentalist
Henry David Thoreau sparks…

self advocacy, individualism and freedom of epression

Virtually all the distinguished historians of early-nineteenth-centruy America came from
New England meaning point of view was.. slanted and wasp like

In early nineteenth century America
Women could not voteMarried women could not retain ownership of their property

In early nineteenth century America men usually regarded women as
Having a sharply distinct economic role in societyPhysically and emotionally weak but morally superior to menHaving their proper place in the home

Transcendentalists were dedicated to

americas artistic achievements in the first half of the nineteenth century
were least notable in architecture established idendity and culture

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