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Last updated: May 17, 2019

Positive White
wisdom,peace,knowledge,goodness,purity(the ancient humans found comfort in the daylight)examples: white dove,white beard(wisdom), wedding dress,white flag surrender

Negative White
Sterile, cold, sickly(the ancient humans saw whiteness in body at times of death or sickness)examples:drs. office, hospital,KKK robes, ghosts, storm troopers( anonymous killers)

Positive Black
rich,healing,peaceful,quiet, birth(ancient humans saw that the baby came from womb (dark place)examples: dark soil, midnight sky,night cooling hot, Rest In Peace

Negative Black
evil,death,bondage,ignorance (ancient humans feared the unknown of the dark) examples: color of grim reapers robes, color of mourning, daemons in dark places, Grecian creation myths

Positive Green
life,nature,birth,fertility,growth, youth, new life(ancient humans observed nature, spring, etc. as the time of birth)examples: new trees/plants, new/fresh

Negative Green
naive, jealousy, envy, decay(ancient humans seeing green faces for sickness) examples: mold, mildew, yellow, green eyed monster:jealousy, rookie green: inexperienced

Positive Red
love,rich,wealth (ancient humans saw heart is physically red and also red dye was very expensive)examples: roses/hearts, red lips, blood

Negative Red
evil, war, blood, death, danger(ancient humans were afraid of injury bleeding which would lead to death)examples: darth vaders lightsaber, fires of hell, devil, mars:red planet

Positive Gold
peak time, harvest, wealth, fulfillment (ancient humans observed reward from harvest, etc.

)examples: wheat, gold medal, golden years

Negative Gold
greed ( ancient humans made war for gold, land, wealth) examples: king midus, ring: LOTR, pirate treasure

Blue Positive
calm, peace, conteplation, loyalty, faith, purification(ancient humans, observed the blue sky and cool, calm,watersexamples: baptism w/ water cleansing/redeeming, idea of heaven, midnight blue sky: infinity

Blue Negative
sarrow, grief, depression ( ancient humans associated this with tears) examples: tears, rain, flooding: stormy/cloudy weather

part of the mind that we know directly: thoughts, feelings, urges*things we know we know*

Personal Unconscious
According to Jung, the level of awareness that houses material that is not within one’s conscious awareness because it has been repressed or forgotten: thoughts feelings urges which we are not directly aware of*the stuff we don’t know we know*determined by our enviro.

Collective Unconscious
shared inherited knowledge NOT shaped by experience but inborn

first prints, patterns of behavior, knowledge in dreams, fantasies and characters

Archetypal Symbol
“special” symbols images used by artists, storytellers, etc. to communicate our collective unconscious

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