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Last updated: September 7, 2019

Are you kids dressed yet? Said my mom me and my family are going in a big fun tropical resort in mexico. And i have never been out of the country before and now i’m gonna be a million miles away from my home and pets.

i jump out of my bed with joy and energy but then i thought to myself it’s february and snowy and it’s probably under 30 degrees but when i jump of the plane it will be around 90-100 degrees so i ran down the stairs and screamed mom! What sweetie what should i wear well it will be around 100 degrees so maybe you wear a pair of shorts and a t-shirtMe and my siblings allie and richie we walked out the door and it’s like 1 degree out here said my sister my mom and dad come out and we run to the car mom yes allie we are all covered in goosebumps my mom wraps us up with blankets and i fall asleep until we are there i pictured my and my dad swimming in the pool and doing a bunch of chess there And me and my sis swimming in the ocean with the sea turtles wake up wake up screamed richie come on we’re here i rub my eyes and hop out of the car. I’m hungry dad can we go to starbucks? Yeah allie do you want to come sure after can we get candy yes but save it for the plane we get our drinks and go sit in seats until the plane arrivesOur plane arrives and we get on my mom brother and sister sit in their seats while me and my dad sit together i get comfy and my ad gives me gum to chew so my ears don’t get clogged and he also gives me some headphones so i can watch movies so i can go to sleep and not get bored i close my eyes and have a nice dream about one of the first times i went on a plane and it was about when i went to florida two years ago and then i woke up dad my ears hurt don’t worry we’re about to level off and get off the plane we finally land and my ears still hurt dad. Fine we’ll get you a bottle of water a soon as possible we have to take a car and we got paired up with my siblings friends who are going to the same hotel as us it’s about a hour long and my ears finally popped i’m excited and sleeping makes it go by way more faster we arrive at our resort and it’s like the pictures online it beautiful and tropical our resort is all exclusive so we can go to all of the riviera maya  resorts  were very hungry so we go to a buffet in the resort it’s awesome.There’s mexican and american food and there’s a bunch of desserts i load up on food  and order a special drink that they call the mickey mouse it’s cherry soda pepsi and a lime with a cherry on top we go to our room and get bathing suits on with cover ups my sis and my mom go to the ocean to tan and me my dad and brother go in the pool there’s a tiki bar i get the pina colada and my brother got a cherry slurpee it starts to get late and we leave we got on fancy clothes i put on my romper we eat delicious food i’m a little tired so by the time i order dessert i pass out and wake up in my bed i’m mad that my brother ate my dessert that night but that’s the last time there’s a lobby  cafe wear i get fruit and cookies and sometimes tea so if i’m the last one up i sneak down there and make a plate me and my brother go to lunch all alone and eat a lot and drink mickey mouse’s we try making guacamole and it worked i made it with sliced avocados and lime and my secret ingredient then we go to the tiki bar and get slurpees and play chess with huge chess pieces and a chess board we go back to our room and go out for a cool dinner it was a long long walk i ate dinner and dessert and ran outside with my sister we heard a loud loud noise and saw a competition was going in the mall it was people who were talented and dressed like singers they invited me up on the stage and they won we all went to bed my family did sumba and it was awesome after that we got breakfast i got donuts pancakes and chocolate covered strawberries it was super yummy we go to the ocean see sea turtles and go to our room as a week goes by fast it was already the night before we have to go home i’m sad but tired i close my eyes thinking the looks of my face when i see snow on the ground instead of sand and sun As i wake up early we pack up and get on the plane i fall asleep and wake up at my house with snow and frost all over the snow and i close my eyes with a smile of how fun the trip was.

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