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Last updated: April 19, 2019

ARMOR ALL buy ARMOR ALL ARMOR ALL singapore Armor All Wheel Cleaner Armor All Leather Care GelArmor All: Keeps your vehicle newA shiny vehicle waiting for you is a sight to behold. Everyone likes to display the new addition to their life, however the new vehicle does not remain new forever, time and nature do affect it. Instead of spending on paid up cleaning services every other day, why not have an easy ‘do it yourself’ kit that keeps your car in the best condition each and every day. Recognizing your strong connection with your vehicle, and your desire to keep it in its best form, Armor All develops an all inclusive range of polishes, wax and wipes that provide complete protection to your car against external damage. It cares for your vehicle as you do, thus passionately works to develop products that keep it new and shining forever. Maintain your car’s ‘Just out of the showroom’ look with the powerful products by Armor All Singapore.The company started with a single unique formulation that could protect the car from harmful elements of nature including UV radiations.

Hailed with success, it gradually expanded over years introducing an extensive range of smart solutions that provide complete car care. Its strong line of products includes protectants, cleaners and washes. Do not have water to clean your car? Do not worry, the smart wipes by the brand polish and clean your car without water. Increase the life of the wheels and keep them in good condition with Armor All Wheel Cleaner. It’s quick action formula easily penetrates into the areas and removes the dust and dirt.

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Not only exterior but the brand takes care of the interiors of your car too. From glass wipes to carpet and seat wipes, you will find every product you can think of. Keep the seats of your car in the plush condition with Armor All Leather Care Gel that protects the seat from damage and keeps the material new and shiny.The exuberant range is available onlineMaintaining vehicle in its best condition becomes easy with premium products that provide whole round protection and care to your car.

Buy Armor All products and keep your car new forever. Lazada, the most popular online shopping store has a great collection of products by the brand that you can easily buy while sitting at home. So log on to the site and enter the brand’s universe of quality products. Browse through the wide collection and easily place the order with a simple click. Lazada ensures safe and quick delivery of the order to your doorstep.

Further, it also provides free nationwide shipping and 14 days free returns offers on every order. So make a purchase now.Why choose Armor All?• The brand is a well known producer of a complete car care range.• Its extensive product lineup gives you smart cleaning and polishing solutions for your car.• Enthusiastic to serve you in the best possible way, the company continues to search for better and improved means.• The company through its innovative offerings simplifies the cleaning and protection process for you.

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