Around children to contract diseases. There were diseases

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Last updated: February 17, 2019

Around the world many children have beeninvolved in global issues. These issues affected them tremendously. Some oftheses global issues caused children to contract diseases. There were diseasesthat eventually led to death. Individuals and groups have attempted to reducethe affects of these global issues.

Some children have even been permanentlydisabled.Children had been through many globalissues, such as armed conflicts in the 1990s. According to the chart indocument 1, a child’s life can change dramatically because children arepsychologically traumatized. Also, the chart shows that more than two millionchildren were killed during war in the 1990s. There were even more than sixmillion children that were seriously injured or permanently disabled in the1990s. Children were stripped of their childhood. As reported in document 2,there were lots of children in which were forced to be child soldiers. Being achild soldier you had no access to an education.

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As being a child soldier, manychildren were separated from their families. As stated by the chart in document 4,children under 5 died from Acute Respiratory Infections, diarrhea, Malaria, andnewborns were affected by these issues and died between 2000 and 2003. 19% ofthe children under the age of five died from Acute Respiratory Infections. 8%died from Malaria. Lastly, 17% died from diarrhea, the diarrhea could have beena side effect of an infection. Reported by the World Health Organization,approximately more that 10 million children die each year under the age offive.

As stated in document 5, there have been millions of the children indeveloping places that have died from a pneumonia, diarrhea that you can inferthat they most likely had an infection, and measles. There was contamination inthe water by parasites in developing places, which would soon infect childrenwith diseases and eventually kill them since the children used the water on adaily basis. As reported in document 2, it is toldthat on February 12, 2002 a treaty was signed. The treaty was titled ” TheOptional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on theinvolvement of children in armed conflict”. Approximately 167 countries hadagreed with the treaty and wanted to assist. This treaty rightfully secured therights of the children and helped prevent them from being forced to be childsoldiers.

States will no longer enroll any child under 18 to send them tobattle. Any child under the age of 18 that volunteers to battle is excluded.Being that children were becoming sick easily in developing nations and wereunable to get any vaccines an individual stepped in and wanted to aid. Asstated in document 5, being that children easily get sick in developing places,Bill Gates decided to donate $100 million in late 1998. The $100 million wereto be used to create a program that can be used to get new and underusedimmunizations to the poorest countries for the children.

After a year hadpassed Bill Gates had decided to donate another $750 million to help launch anew extreme structure that would be used for improving immunizations forchildren and the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, which is knownas GAVI.These documents support my conclusionthat children have been affected by many occurrences. From being forced to bechild soldiers to dying from horrible diseases. Bill Gates was an individualthat played a great role in helping children get their immunizations. Global issueshave affected children tremendously.

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