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Last updated: August 2, 2019

Although the Orlando Art Museum was the last Cultural place I visited it was definitely my favorite.

The insane art fixtures and sculptures I saw left me baffled at what I thought art really was. I always saw art as something sort of boring, and I wasn’t all that excited for visiting this art museum. But after this my opinion about art definitely changed completely and I would love to visit more museums like this one.

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A lot of paintings and sculptures caught my eye while visiting. The Painting double broken and measured painting by Franklin Evans left my eyes cross-eyed and hurting fter analyzing it for twenty minutes!He uses “tromp l’oeil which means fool of the eye. His work explains forms and ideas that considered the cycle of recombination. His painting looked like it was not finished, it looked like it was moving and emerging towards me. I absolutely adored it.

The overwhelming feeling it gave me was indescribable. The bright and intense colors were to my fondness. The Glass Mixed Media by Therman Statom was also one of my favorites. It was a display case with items of glass inside. One might wonder if these objects are momentous of a life, a ourney, or of a certain place.I only got to visit two more exhibits after the main one because the rest were closed for remodeling. I visited the African Art exhibit which contained things African use daily. It had the clothing, bags, weapons, and even chairs Africans make and decorate to add style into their life.

My favorite in the African exhibit were the clothing. I’m into the bright colors and can imagine myself in Africa wearing clothing like that. The African were really antique with the items they made, they were also very simplistic. The Aztec on the other hand I found to be very reative and had a lot of animal sculptures.They made almost everything out of ceramic and used a lot of serious neutral colors.

My favorite ceramic piece was that of A warrior with a trophy head with its arm raised. It was made out of volcanic stone which was something completely new to me. I did not know you could make sculptures such as volcanic and pumice stones that really got my attention. The Aztecs had beliefs after all of their makings. For example there was a ceramic of a female priest who was believed to have the ability to enter an altered state of onsciousness in which the soul would leave the body for a “special” Journey.Humanities show us that there are many meanings to life and also various ways of interpreting it all.

Coming to the Orlando art museum did Just that. I interpreted the paintings and sculptures until I understood the meanings as we should with the teachings of humanities. Humanities is all about stories and how you say them. In art you need a story to paint a painting or to sculpt a sculpture. How you paint or sculpt them is how you’re saying your story.

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