Art test 3

Early Renaissance
When did artists in the Western world first have ready access to paper?

What is the method of drawing with a small sharpened metal rod of lead, copper, gold, or most commonly silver on specially prepared paper?

Käthe Kollwitz’s Self-Portrait, Drawing, the artist has revealed the expressive capabilities of _______ as a medium.

What is a drawing which is used in preparation for a fresco called?

Dry drawing media consists of coloring agents, which are mixed with _______ that hold them together.

What is it called when ink is diluted with water and applied in broad flat areas?

Egypt, 5,000 years ago
Where and when was the earliest paper made from the papyrus plant developed?

China in the 9th century
When and where was printmaking first developed?

A woodcut print is an example of what kind of printmaking?

An etching technique that produces an unlimited number of gradations of tone from light to dark is called an __________.

silk screening
What is the printmaking process that pushes the ink through the matrix?

What is the process that assures that the colors of a print will align perfectly?

you can only print it once
What is different about monotypes or mono-prints from other printmaking processes?

easiest to cut bc there is no grain
What is the main advantage of linocut over woodcut printmaking?

you can print multiple images from one single master image
What is the chief advantage of printmaking over other media?

water color
What paint medium is discribed “pigments bound with gum arabic and activated with water.”

Encaustic is painting with hot __________.

egg tempera
In _______ the artist binds pigments with a watersoluble soluthon or an emulsified material like egg yolk.

Which synthetic painting medium developed in the 20th century uses poltmer resins as a binder?

What medium is a mixture of watercolor pigment and Chinese white chalk.

Jesus’s head
Where is the focal point in Giotto’s Lamentation?

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